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  1. 'There are no rules - if you're a boy': Why do so many hate on Madonna?

    It's too easy to dismiss her as a white, rich pop star living in another reality (and many do), but she knows both sides; she knows she lives a life of privilege while being aware of the lashings of hate that come with that - just as she knows because she's a woman growing older, limitations are placed on her life.

    And yet there are many rich, white, powerful men in a similar position who are, by and large, let off the hook. Even with #MeToo.




  2. people need to realize that the song was released with only two days left to chart

    this will be a new full week for sales (which i wonder if it outsold those two days), streaming, video views (which is also for only 2 days - plus views coming from worldwide). and who knows about radio. lol.

    i will be shocked if it does anything on monday chart wise.....once billbored hits she needs to keep performing the song on t.v. every damn night to get monument going but she never does this so.

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