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  1. ya i can hear it, but ya like everyone says, but it would be different if the song sounded like heart of glass or something like that, dont u think

    this is a rock band that no one in the mainstream has heard of and they r males...and its not like M is appearing in the video at the end looking exactly like them crying cuz she ripped them off

  2. i always disliked Love Tried To Welcome Me, but at the time i got why it was on the album...i eventually came around to love it too

    this album was the perfect segue into the evita era, and just enough power to get her over the backlash a little


  3. this was a publicity stunt, i LOVE it though, its one of my favorite madonna moments ever, but it was right before the SEX book came out, so this was a preview for the book, charity or not...she is an exhibitionist, and this was meant to shock people, simple as that, and ya - male stars would never do this, maybe it was her point, using her nudity as power over men, i mean it worked, and in the end everyone bought the damn book and then turned around and hated her for it

    just like a one night stand, and their nameless lover leaves, they felt used and abused, but this time, they knew her name, and her name was Madonna


    i LOVE her for this!!! no female star will ever do this again

  4. If you want it, you already got it?

    Later the lyric says "Imma give you what you want" - well, if you're gonna give it to me, that means I don't already have it :-

    it makes sense, maybe u just dont know the lingo is all, lol shes teasing him dum dum

    give u want u want prolly innuendo and shit, duh

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