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  1. lady gags is the queen of media, so we all know she knows whats going on, and i didn't think nothing of it until she posted her video 'bawn this way' mintues before m's video premiere, then that pic of her with a football...it is sketchy and her passive aggressive stance of not doing anything about the bashing by her fans is pretty self explanatory if u ask me...her not saying anything speaks volumes as to how she is truly feeling...her not doing anything really makes me believe she was a 'hipster nobody doing club songs her father paid for everything, the weird art girl in school no one liked because she was too pretentious and stuck up'...instead of her anti bullying BULLSHIT!

  2. ya but if she has a deal with channel radio or whatever, they play her song every damn hour, the impressions today should be the same the first day?????? i dont see the radios just dropping her completely after the first three day deal, cuz live nation owns clear channel!

    sales will increase tomorrow, i dont know how its doing on us itunes, i heard it dropped to 12, ugh

    so i am hoping ur top 20 thing is correct and top 10 the following week

  3. how much airplay/sales does adele's set fire to the rain have??? or kelly clarkson's stronger song cuz that made a huge jump to number two!?!? oddly enough

    so madonna will have to beat that in three days, i think not, maybe the second week, but it will be her only chance, cuz the grammys r after that and we all know adele is going to sweep them and it always reflects back on billboard, so she only has next week to make it to number one, sorry

    i pray for a top ten for these three days-is that EVEN possible?

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