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  1. when something sounds too good to be true i guess

    and if this guy didnt say anything about the video-we'd have very low expectations-now they have skyrocketed to mythical proportions

    seems everyone was expecting a GI2M or Jump type video...now we've set ourselves up again for a major bitchfest and a backlash on each other, lol

  2. hopefully madonna's second single choice was turn up the radio, lol ( i hated Hollywood & Give It 2 Me as second singles)

    the video should be done by now, it only takes two to three days of shooting

    its the editing that seems to take a month!!! i hope its not embarrassing inducing- i love u Madonna - but enough trying to act young...and i'm all for your age, but i seen the video work of the directors and it is odd, hopefully they do that!!!

  3. i hate lady gags, but i admit she changed the game...she brought back that STAR power...it effected everyone around her to beyonce, christina, rihanna, katy perry, nicki-they all think they have to wear tacky over the top costumes or colored wigs now...or have a weird over the top nonsensical performance

    lady gags fans r young and do not know about the past, even when they do, it is irrelevent to their times, so they tag themselves onto someone who is an underdog and speaks to them-the same way madonna has with us in generations past...and all the gay icons of the past to their generations

    the controversy lies in her wacky costumes in the same vein as cher and grace jones...without all that she has nothing to offer but her voice.

    the controvesy over her music, namely born this way - is only due to the fact that it sounds like express yourself and lady gags stating it does not.

    madonna stated that she is riding the zietgiest, in the same way madonna herself has, but the difference is lady gags does not give credit where it is due.

    saying she is orginal when clearly she was MADE THAT WAY and is not orginal...saying the album of the decade...all makes me feel that lady gags has lost touch with herself and the general public....just as she probably had in high school when the other girls did not like her for this very attitude.

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