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  1. i dont buy that, not in todays times, look at glee, american idol, the voice, ONE PERFORMANCE ON THOSE SHOWS and the song would skyrocket up the charts over night

    she just has to do these shows in a well planned out manner...if GGW starts to drop off itunes this following week-then these performances would help it massively

    if she does nothing, then i dont know

  2. guess this is their new way of re-inventing the wheel...send it out to itunes-it will only count three days for next weeks charts (yes i'm still on that, lol)...but it helps build awareness maybe and the lyric video generated a lot of buzz in itself...i wonder when the radio add date will be, next week i hope...let the promotion build on its own it seems...i am sure she'll promote closer to the album

    i am glad everyone is gettin it on itunes though!

  3. i think we all want the music to do well, and we want our girl out there, promoting the hell out of it, and she is not

    whether she does or doesnt is up in the air, now that the tour rehearsals are under way...i think that has some of us on edge...will she promote or wont she?...she never has when she is on tour.

    its hard to say though, this era isnt a flop, however u have to agree the GAYL song wasnt that huge of hit worldwide, and that makes some here nervous, like myself...of course all the promotion in the world might not help anything

  4. i highly doubt that it will be out today, what the fuck would be the point, it would only have half the week sales to go towards the charts, thats just sloppy and messy if they release it anytime but monday (or whenever the cutoff date is for the charts)...such a messy ass promotion

    i PRAY it comes out monday the 5th

    isnt it also odd that billboard is already predicting it will chart on the hot 100 next week LOL

  5. meh i dont much care what was said, cuz its something i would probably write anyway, but now i wonder if things we write on here r changed after the fact, should i write to all the moderators n see if they do this???

    oh and no dell baby cody-my comp doesnt slow down-so i dont mind the gifs-BUT PEOPLE JUST HAVE THEM MAKE SENSE! i love that girl in codys gif though

  6. ya all these gifs r annoying and they proll slow down peoples comps, not mine though, mines a ballbreaker

    shit, now i forgot what i was gonna say, see!

    oh i wanted to say that i am really constipated right now and i wanna take a dump but i can't. wow it sucks. *FART* omg wow


    but i did say this

    oh people aruging about color and b&w is fuckin kind of mentally ill crazy

  7. ya i'm not feeling the b&w vid either, the single cover artwork is how it should be, and who has b&w videos now a days!??!!? adele, lol

    she needs this in full color like a mutha fuckin club party! not some sex b&w vid, it doesnt seem like the directors style at all

    so i say this is false

  8. lol can she take credit for a prayer??? lol

    if u want fuckin shakespear or lyrics like fuckin joni mitchel, then i suggest u go to those...if u wanna dance and be silly then listen to this song.

    like madonna says the orbit songs r more introspective so maybe u'll be able to eat some of the cake after all

  9. the video wont be done for weeks! and i dont know where i heard those rumours of releasing the single next week, but what if they do wait until two to three weeks from now!!!!!!

    i'd be so pissed, they seem to almost get it right with the single releases, but screw it up somehow a little

  10. i would LOVE for her to add a guest singer on this as a remix...like britney, in the same vain as S&M, even rihanna or katy too!!! that would be mind blowin and if they wanted a hit they would do just that!

    i'm pretty sure the remix of s&m with britney counted as the same single

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