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  1. from billboard last year:

    Billboard looks for consumer intent when it comes to counting albums. So, for example, if an artist bundles an album in with the purchase of a concert ticket, we insist that there be a voucher for a physical album or a download code for a digital album, both redeemable by a third party. In the case of non-music items -- T-shirts, phones, vitamins -- that are bundled with CDs, there is a requirement that that non-music item be made available both with and without the CD, with the CD option costing reasonably more than the option without the CD. In these instances, the fan has not simply been spammed with music they may or may not want, but has made an active choice to acquire the music. This has been our stated policy. And this is why, for example, we will not count the albums that Best Buy has given away this week, as there was no clear indication that the people receiving the album actually want it, as opposed to simply wanting to buy a phone.

    it is also noted that most people do not redeem their album codes...u paid for it though so i dont see why they wouldnt care

  2. i dont know why we dont know for a fact if this redemption of the album with tour tickets will count or not!??!

    its strange that they r usually not redeemed, wouldnt u want to get it if u paid for it??? or do they get their money back if they dont redeem it!??!!?

    i still say 225,000 US

    wordwide - 650,000

  3. the shadow guys dancing might maybe look like those gay guys style krazky or whatever, but could be anyone

    the two guys biting the apple - hot and reminds me of adam & eve

    the cross imagery, hot

    black & white totally works for this-plus u see the song in a totally different light....erotica madonna is back!!!

    hopefully this slaps these little kids into reality with who did what first!

  4. maybe the rumours of it having a religious feel will be controversial enough to have EVERYONE talking about the album!

    although i would rather her not use this tactic again of controversy to sell records-it could backfire

    and now we sit and wait for a small tiny lil snippet of the video

  5. I LOVE IT...but would never work on radio or be commercial...and that is where madonna should have headed...she should have said fuck it and just did what she wanted, but so much money is riding on this album so...

    GMAYL & GGW are very commercial sounding and S A F E.

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