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  1. maybe for the tour

    anyway did the "extra" from video even say reggaeton? don't you think they would have just said that flat out? lol come on you guys.

    and the ones jumping ship just the hint of a rumor it might be - bye. you weren't here for it anyway.

  2. 7 hours ago, Plaything said:

    Madonna posted a pic where she is seen together with Starrah and Billboard. We know she worked with Billboard for her album so the chances are high that Starrah had a hand in creating those tracks, too. Can we please stop rewriting what we know and what we saw? 

    ya i remember that in the very beginning before we knew 'champagne rose' came out.

  3. 5 hours ago, Dams said:

    Doesn't seem to be any moderation on here, last time I made a similar comment as yours I was told to fuck off and that I was a troll. 

    But they think insulting a singer is a personal opinion and funny. 

    Praying for any M updates asap cos I can't wait any longer. And also to stop this flow of 'personal opinions' that shoudln't be on threads about Madonna.

    why not focus on Madonna and only Madonna as a newbie

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