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  1. On 7/6/2019 at 11:14 PM, Bat-Fan said:

    It is a great song. Love the influences. Only complaint is that it gets a bit repeatative near the end with the choir singing come alive come alive to infinity. Every time I am thinking it is finished there comes more: come alive come alive... Forever. But yeah great song. The story behind the percussion was very interesting

    this! for some reason i just noticed that the other day.

  2. On 6/27/2019 at 9:08 AM, Geiger83 said:

    Now, after almost two weeks listening to MX (I listened to the album non-stop the first week and then not so intensively after that), I can say I have a concrete feeling and opinion about it. This album is much more than I expected and it surprised me in different ways. I don't think it is perfect, but this is something I like a lot about Madonna's albums. For me it belongs to her best albums, specially sonically and conceptually. It has strong messages, that unfortunatelly can be misunderstood (for instance Killers who are partying). It is a very human album, appealling to humanity and I think that the "world music" sound/aspect fits this humanity character very well. I still can't say for sure if I think it is better than the one or the other album, specially because Madonna's albums (with a few exceptions) always fluctuate in me: sometimes I like the one album more than the others. But what I can say is that it definitely belongs to my top 5 and for me it is the best album since Confessions. Although I love many songs of Rebel Heart and a few songs of MDNA (this is in fact my least favorite Madonna Album) I feel these albums doesn't have a clear concept (specially MDNA, Rebel Heart suffered from the leaks) and the concepts behind Madonna's albums are always very important to me (Erotica for instance is unbelieveably incredible). Confessions seems to be the last album where music and concept worked well (repeating: imo Rebel Heart was on the right way but due to the leaks it didn't turned out what Madonna wanted it to be).

    I really love MX and am very proud of Madonna. 

    thank you for this! you put words to exactly how i felt about the album. like u first week nonstop then second not so much - i let it absorb.

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