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  1. Most fans in the audience were over 47 years of age at the mdna concert that I saw and were screaming obnoxious profanities. That whole "fuck yeah" thing was a total buzz kill. Worst audience ever. Have nothing against age but I except them to be young at heart and they were not at all.

    Well, not to say her fan base is made up older people, but in reality her fanbase would be on the average the age of 40's if they remained her fan since she emerged in the 80's. Lucky for her, she's always pulled in more fans nearly with every new album.

  2. I do think it's impossible for Madonna to escape performing some of her classics on tour. It's usually the expected crowd pleaser. Lucky for her, she has a number of classics that she can get a way with not performing them all or certain ones tour to tour. Then she has certain songs that are very similar theme that she could easily take turns performing such as... "Holiday", "Music" and "Celebration". I can even say "Where's The Party" could be easily performed in place of the other three, even thoug, it may be a forgotten album track classic by many.

    Sonngs I like to see performed on the next tour... "Who's That Girl", "Take A Bow", "True Blue", "I'll Remember", "This Used to Be My Playground", "Falling Free", "Gambler", and "Where's The Party".

  3. So true, no one questions the motives behind Confessions (which, as much as I love it, was probably her most calculative album, designed to win back some of her fanbase lost with American life) but with Hard Candy certain fans still think somehow she was forced to work with Timbaland and Pharell - somehow to them it's impossible to conceive that Madonna would enjoy more genres then just generic dance music (maybe it's because they don't listen to anything but that type of music?...).

    It's funny in retrospective though, because over half of Madonna's albums were inspired by soul, funk and rnb, I see HC as a natural progression from albums like Erotica and Bedtime Stories.

    Exactly, when she first started she was being marketed somewhat as an R&B artist. To me, "Hard Candy" is just a re-visit to the roots of funk and R&B from "Like A Virgin", "Erotica" and "Bedtime Stories". Even "Like A Prayer" had a bit of the R&B vibe. It's odd for those to criticize her collaborating with a number of R&B, Rap, Funk known producers/artists for "Hard Candy", but not for albums like "Erotica" and "Bedtime Stories" that had a number of songs that she included rappers, R&B artists, etc. "Hard Candy" is a pretty solid album. You do have quite the cohesiveness with that album. I think some fans just have so much hate for certain artists like JT and Timbaland, that they can't accept that Madonna did manage to put together a cool album using those artists. I agree, using them seemed a bit late in the game, but who fuckin' cares. The album is pretty solid. And I still think if "Devil..." was released it could have been her "Take A Bow" radio hit all over again.

  4. She spent motnhs and months on editing the dvd, making her short movie......now that's all done, what's next? what is she going to do now? is she going back into the studio? is she going to make a movie? i'm hoping she will get into a room with pat leonard and write some classic pop songs and then record them in the beginning of the new year. i'm longing for some great 'mature' pop songs..

    People need to let this idea go. That horse has been ridden and beaten. Time to move on.

    I suspect she's gathering ideas for both a new album and new film. I'm sure contacts have been made. Her best bet is to produce something different than what she's been doing with her last few albums. But whatever she does, I'm sure I'll love it.

  5. it was a bit of a flop in USA though..

    LOL! Yeah, if you matched it up to the sales from her previous two albums that sold 2 to 5 million more. Therefore with that logic, her debut album and RAY OF LIGHT is a FLOP as well in the U.S since they sold just merely 5 million copies in the U.S. :electropop:

  6. I said that to explain Madonna's approach with the secret project. Madonna has been creating change over a long period of time. I do agree with celebrities having a voice in what is going on in the world. They are citizens with concerns and I applaud Russell Brand. I love when celebrities and people who are influential are passionate about change. They already have to attention of the media. Why not use that to create positive change? I have said before that what Madonna can do for real change in the world is very important for me. I believe that she can be and has been influential in positive change. Madonna's approach is different than other idealists. Ultimately I am with Russell Brand in what he says here especially about doing something about what you find unjust and talking about it and not tolerating it anymore. I'm with him and hope more celebrities speak up and inspire people.

    I totally agree. And I see Madonna as trying to encourage us to express ourselves and trying to make cultural and social changes through the arts, while Russell doesn't beat around the bush and lays it all out there.

    I also agree with the idea that we should just "halt everything to bring transformation". I also agree it's going to be hard to get people on board with that concept. Too many of us, single or not are too comfortable with our lives. We have become far from "self sufficient". Some will claim they are in some aspects, but I'm meaning self-sufficient in how we maintain our shelter, obtain our food, clothes and protect ourselves. If there was some violent revolt against the government, how many of us can say we can protect ourselves? I know a lot of us, do not own weapons. We could be easy pickings no matter how physically fit we are.

  7. Madonna addressed the problem within the person and how that creates problems for other people. I agree with Russell about change but how can you create real change? I'm not saying he is but its too easy to fall into that us and them mentality. Completely rejecting voting although that is his right. I agree with his issues with things we shouldn't be doing but one person cannot wave a magic wand and create change. I think Madonna's current contribution to a revolution is very important. What am I doing or not doing to create or maintain situations that I'm concerned about?

    Why do people say that all the time? Most people who stand up, and speak or rise up about important issues, aren't necessarily thinking, "Oh, I'm going to change the world all by myself". What bothers me is that a lot of people seem to think entertainers should just "shut up" and do their act and not talk about things that bother them or close to them. Why can't they? Why is it okay for us regular folk be able to voice our opinions about everything under the sun, but not celebrities. It seems to me just because they have an in with media exposure, they all of a sudden shouldn't be able to speak up about things that bother them. Besides, if no one stands up and speaks out, how can things be discussed to be changed? And what better way to get people talking, then getting someone the general public knows and may relate to, then keep relying on our politicians who keep fucking us over and over. Certainly, there are going to be celebrities who have less credibility or may say things we disagree with, but at least they are using their voice to bring awareness. At least they are saying something publicly that a lot of people may agree with. It's no secret that especially in the U.S., the political system is a huge joke anymore. For years now, us regular folks have been saying things need to change. Yet, nothing is being changed. Most celebrities are just like us regarding our thoughts on a lot of political and social issues. They just have more money and have an easier access to getting their thoughts out there.

    Even though, I may not agree with everything about Russell, I can see he (like many other celebrities) are looking for a peaceful solution to things. He certainly can't change things alone, but his words and actions can encourage and inspire others to come together and help make that change.

  8. I agree, American Life is definitively her most underrated album, it's such a masterpiece too. I don't know about Bedtime Stories, i like some of the songs (mostly the singles) but it's the only Madonna album i can't really get into. Probably because soft R&B is my least favorite musical genre, i find it boring to death.

    So you're basing "underrated" by what you like, rather what is a perception from the general public. I still think "Bedtimes Stories" is probably very underrated. If you ask casusal or non-fans what Madonna albums they remember, I am certain "Bedtime Stores" wouldn't be a popular recall. While "Erotica" could easily be called underrated regarding the general acceptance and sales, but at least many people from that time could reflect back now and recall what some may dub has her "sex" album. "Bedtime Stories" was an album that went by pretty unnoticed even though, "Take A Bow" was a huge radio song in the U.S. The success of the song certainly didn't help generate much sales for both the song and album it came from.

    I guess I see "underrated" as something that isn't generally remembered, critically acclaimed and/or well received by the general public, rather something I dislike. After all, there are plenty of hughly successful songs, films and other art out there I don't necessarily like, yet I can't say it's "underrrated". For instance, I'm not a huge fan of "Like A Virgin" the song and album, but just because I don't dig it as much as compared to her previous and follow up album, doesn't mean I think it's underrated.

    The album "Music" did not go unnoticed. Even though, I agree the success sizzled out much too early and more singles could have been released from the album. It's quite a stand out album in her catalog.

  9. I prefer Music to Ray of Light big time. Music has been overlooked over the years because she only pulled 3 singles, one of which wasn't even an album track

    The era was very well received by everyone at the time and, although coming right after the enormous success of Ray of Light, she took the risk of changing her sound and image completely.

    That's the Madonna I love

    Some of her older albums seem to be mentioned more frequently, mostly because of the controversy they created at the time. Erotica and American Life for example

    Even Like a Prayer wasn't that huge success that people think

    Umm? What are you talking about? Granted, the "Like A Prayer" album didn't sell as many copies as her previous two albums, but it still sold 15 million copies and yes at the time, it was a HUGE success. The album carved out yet again another signature song (the title track) that eclipsed her previous signature songs. The title track alone was her highest selling track of her career at the time and is now her third world-wide highest selling track behind "Hung Up" and "Vogue".

  10. I'm a huge fan of the album. I haven't read your opinion on why you prefer it to ROL, but I actually rate them both pretty equally, giving ROL a slight edge for consistency (and of course the whole rebirth angle). But song-for-song, Music is nearly as good. I think there are two reasons it's not as well-regarded as some of her other albums:

    1) it's just eclipsed by ROL. It's sort of seen as the "follow-up," and maybe riding on ROL's coattails.

    2) The promo was cut short, with only three singles, the last one of which was sort of botched (remix used in the video, which means the video wasn't really promoting the song much at all, and it being banned from MTV didn't help).

    I truly believe, like BS, this album could have sold much more had the singles been handled differently. And thus I think it would be slightly better regarded today.

    So I actually agree with much of what you posted here, but regarding WIFLFAG, you do know the banning of the video was a huge set up to generate sales for the single video? Madonna and her camp suggested it was too violent for TV from the get-go. MTV just followed her lead, knowing what better controversy is to have another banned Madonna 10 years after her first. While at the same time, MTV was all willing to feature other videos that were far more explicit such as "The Prodigys" 'Smack My Bitch Up" several years earlier. I remember at the time of the banning, there was a lot of talk it was a strategically planned banned video on Madonna's part even though MTV was playing far more explicit and offensive videos prior to the release of WIFLFAG!

    As for the actual topic, do I think "Music" is underrated? Not really. I agree that the album was eclipsed by ROL. When you have a huge critically and successful album prior, it's hard to measure up to it. I think the album is equally good. Though, I can see why some might see it as an extension to ROL. With ROL though, it was something new and different. Her outlook on life and life had taken a huge turn with motherhood and her spiritual journey. It was the first time in a long time we truly can say we got another "NEW MADONNA".

    Still, the "Music" album was a precursor of what was to come with "American Life" the more electronic and folk sounds on a couple of the tracks like "Don't Tell Me" and "Gone".

    What's great about Madonna that she seems to have several generations under her belt where people will always remember her as. You have the older generation who will always remember 80's Madonna, then you have a new crop of adults now who are fond of the 90's Madonna who have ROL as their go to, and then we have a current crop of younger fans who are getting on board that may go back as far as the Confession era.

    For me, Madonna's probably most underrated albums would go to either "American Life" or "Bedtime Stories". They are hardly even thought of by the general public, even though the latter produce one of her longest #1 songs in America.

  11. I applaud him. The problem is that we have some simplistic and ignorant people who will let the eccentric fast talking cockiness comical persona get in the way with what he's trying to convery. Some will say, why can't he just sit there without looking like he's going to go ape shit and say what he wants to say? Ummmm, we have plenty of personalities on news programs doing that already and still coming off like they are nuts. I'm not going to say Russell is a genious, but he is quite articulate and intelligent on what he speaks of if you can get past his eccentric way of presenting his views and himself.

    I do disagree with him regarding the "don't vote". As long as we are under a democratic government, majority wins. Not voting, will only assure the wrong people in office. If anything, we need to hold our representatives accountable and clean house if they aren't doing their job. I suspect it's only going to get uglier before it gets better if that's even possible.

  12. Well forgive me but I am not aware of Madonna fans criticising younger celebrities or even older celebrities than Madonna for their age. I've seen different kinds of criticisms but from my observation they usually stem from behavior.

    The "Flop Princesses and Diva" forums full of those criticisms. Don't act like age doesn't play a part of some of those criticisms. I don't disagree "behavior" isn't cricized, but so is weight and many other are criticized. Even if behavior is a huge criticism of other entertainers, Madonna seems to get a pass for her extreme behavior when many others who have done similar are highly criticized and spun into some assumed exaggeration.

  13. So criticising someone for their actions is equally as wrong as discriminating against someone because of their age?

    Not what I said at all. My point is that there are a lot of Madonna fans who have criticized other celebrities for being too old to be in the business when they are much younger than Madonna. It's just interesting that fans of Madonna give her a pass, while they are critical of other entertainers.

  14. Fact is.. our society is agiest. I find it interesting within this own Madonna community how a number of fans are able to give Madonna a pass because of her age, but virtually anyone else who is even older than thrity, doesn't. It seems pretty contradictory even among the fan base. Obviously, it's beyond age since anyone who is popular in pop music who is a claimed to be a threat to Madonna's legacy, tends to bring out the claws. So many fans defend Madonna and her age, and get pissed about how people say she's too old, when very same fans are just as guilty with doing the same for many younger artists. If it's not age, it's something even more ridiculous.

    In the end, I don't care. Madonna isn't you're conventional pop star that we see today. Maybe she fit the bill in the 80's., but she keeps defying what constitutes as a pop star. People can tell her to shut up and retire already, but I think at this point no matter what anyone says, she's going to keep coming back with a vengence. There will always be a level of respect for her at this point, yet a lot of discourse or criticism no matter what she does.

  15. Oh guess what Kid Rock is a football fan. Love to know what he thinks of the average price of a ticket to see an NFL game. Thats just to get in, that doesn't include parking etc...and you get a chance to see them every year several more times than your favorite artist who plays two shows at your city every few years. He played in a stadium where the people in there paid some bucks to get in. Hey they even charge that kind of money for people to freeze their asses off. Wonder what what football fan Kid Rock thinks of that?

    He actually mentioned "sporting events" with Piers Morgan being extremely expensive as well.

    Anyway, Kid Rock tends to have made his home with Detroit. He's a true local boy. Madonna is a global artist. She may have been born and raised in that area, but she never claimed to be that "hometowm local girl". I guess New York City is the closest to her "home town" as this is where she has the most fond memories and loves to live the most.

  16. I have to agree with his stance on ticket pricing. It has gotten out of hand. Most people who want to go to concerts, cannot afford to see some of their favorite artists these days due to high ticket sales. I know a lot of Madonna fans (even here) have passed up going to see her in concert because they can't afford her tickets. I've also read how some people have saved up for months on end to go to her concerts if not took out loans or maxed out their credit cards. You shouldn't have to jeopardize your financial situation to go see your favorite performer or sports team. Certainly, I expect performers who are in higher demand to charge a little more, but for good Madonna seats, you're going to shell out at least $350.00 and that's just for one seat. And while I think she puts a lot into her shows to demand higher ticket prices, but paying that much is outrageous when Madonna was one of the biggest names on the planet back in 1990 and a ticket to her Blond Ambtion show was merely $30.

    I know we all here say Madonna's worth it, and she puts so much into her show. But I'm sure if she just charged half the price for her most expensive ticket, she will still make a killing. Just because you CAN charge high price tickets, means you should. And the fact is, the more entertainers who do this, the more and more they will alienate their hardcore fans who can't afford.

  17. Yeah, I recall the video being HUGE on MTV at the time, but on U.S. radio it wasn't played that much except in bigger cities. "Sorry" seemed to do decently well on MTV at first in the U.S., but didn't have the life "Hung Up". I prefer "Sorry" over "Hung Up", myself.

  18. Why do people always go on and on about being people "entitled" to their opinion, especially when it's ignorant? That doesn't mean anything. Like I have to bend over backwards because someone is "entitled"?

    Yes, everyone has the right to have their opinion/idea/belief...and I respect peoples' right to have the right to have it...but that doesn't mean the opinion/idea/belief is worthy of any respect or validity if it is illogical or ignorant. "Entitled to an opinion" means jack shit.

    How the fuck does "Kid Rock" know what Madonna has done or not done, or what she feels about Detroit? He's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed anyway.

    Dude, the street goes both ways!!

  19. I have to disagree. He's got some real talent. He's a true musician. He can compose, write and play his own music. So to say he has no talent is simply inaccurate. You might not like his style, but he is very talented for the genre of music he performs. Certainly, he has his own opinions of the world. He's entitled to that. No need to bash him over silly nonsense over this. I don't necessarily agree with his stance that musicians should shut up about politics. I think anyone with a voice, should be allowed to say their peace... musician or not. Some people just get pissed because celebrities who speak out, actually have influece on people.

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