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  1. I can't believe you had tickets for section 4 come up & didn't take them. I felt like I won the lottery just getting tickets in section 5!

    I had purchased tickets (from presale) for a closer view in section 112. I was hoping for something better than what I had in Sec. 112, but came up with nothing.

    I am convinced that the fan club and much of the public sales were shut out in purchasing the front sections since much of it's up for auction for high dollars.

    I will not be renewing my membership with ICON ever again. I simply kept my account in good standing to get good seats and the best ICON offered me was section 112. In the past, I was able to get better seats through pre-sales. But since this LIVE NATION deal, I am convinced the whole auctioning off the better seats is their way of recouping the money they are shelling out to Madonna over the next ten years. And I am afraid it will only get worse for the following tours. This may be my last tour I'll be attending. $350 is quite steep for a concert seat even though I was expecting to get a great seat for that price. I'm probably one of the luckier fans as I know many got worse seats than me through pre-sales and/or public sales.

    No 2 hour rock concert should cost $350+ especially for seats in the back.

  2. I don't believe anyone one was offered tickets for sections 1,2,3,113, and 121 through public sales. I was right there when the tickets went on sale, the closest I got was sec. 111 and 101. I had a couple offers in sec 4,5, and 6, but all were in the back. I had slightly better seats from the pre-sale. But those front sections, I don't believe ever were offered since most those sections are up for auction as high as $1000,00. This was the same for pre-sales. I don't believe people were offered the front sections. And once ICON mentioned Chicago was "sold out" for hours I was able to call up multiple tickets (not just single seat tickets), but in piss poor sections for $350. Eventually, I was only able to call up just single seats and still can.

    I just find it disappointing that the fans are being raped here. We're all going to be stuck in the back while all those high price tickets will be sold to people (who may not be fans), the very people who just stand there and don't show any enthusiasm when at her shows.

    This is a result of her LIVE NATION deal. There is no doubt in my mind that they are compensating in these high priced tickets to try to make back as much money they can from Madonna because we all know that she will not make the $120 million dollars back to them just with Album sales in the next ten years. So guess what folks?? This is the future. We'll be forced to bid for these high priced tickets or outpriced all together. And I can't see this working more than a couple of times before fans just say "fuck it!!"

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