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  1. Why are so many people insistent that she. Will never have a hit again. I can't wait for her to come back with a huge smash hit and you can all eat your words!

    Please, I welcome the thought of eating my words. I would love for her to smash big again, but let's be realistic as well. And while I do think she's always thinking outside the box, it's gonna take something extremely unexpected (even from her) to gain mainstream attention. The positive, she does have a big enough fan base, that her albums will always come out on top at least the first week of release.

  2. I would have absolutely no issue with Madonna "softening" up her image a bit again and releasing a mid-tempo/ballad as a lead single. However, I think those hoping for some sort of big commercial success with that formula need to keep dreaming. A ballad as a kickoff isn't gonna hit. Period. Well, at least as things are currently.

    Although it wasn't "official", if radio wanted to play Masterpiece, they could've. It was out 3 months before the album was ever released.

    I have to agree with you. All this speculation of what she should have done, doesn't mean she would have faired any better by releasing other songs as singles. I keep reading, she needs to do songs with "substance", etc., but much what is popular now are frivolous pop songs. It's easy for fans to say our favorite songs would have done better, but I don't believe it would have made much of a difference. I think as you said, thinking she's gonna hit big with commercial success is probably not gonna happen again. Music is dominated by youth. People are stuck on that as unfortunate as it is.

    What I do know is that Madonna has done so much that whatever she does at this point, will manage decent attention and decent sales, but expecting her to keep up with how these younger acts are doing it, is purely dreaming. There are very few 50 year old acts that are getting half the attention Madonna gets now. I don't see Madonna desperate for a hit. I think she's just gonna beat to her own drum as she has always.

  3. Oh, I wish Madonna would get more intimate about how she came about all the songs she's collabed and written on over the years. It's so great to hear Niles speak highly of Madonna and remember these tidbits regarding his experience with the Like A Virgin album. He's worked with so many great people and had a decent career before that and it's great that he recalls some specifics when workign with Madonna.

    In the end, I think the right choice was made for the first single. Can't imagine how she would have got the ball rolling with Material Girl as the first single. We all are so familiar with the Iconic VMA'S performance and would that even have happened if Material Girl was the first single? And what about the video? It could have been much different than the one we got.

  4. Who's that girl, causing a commotion, the look of love + the short darker hair from the video and the Herb Ritts pics for the tour program


    The movie is not totally a dud, it's a very 80's comedy. I never understood the hate for it till i saw it in english with Madonna's original voice : terribly annoying. Until then i only saw the movie dubbed in french and found it quite pleasant. It's exactly the same annoying voice she used on Santa Baby.

    Well, when I say "dud", I didn't mean I bought into it being one. Just the general acceptance of the movie was a "dud" or "bomb". Though, the Nikki voice is what makes it even more fun. I never found it annoying at all. But I agree, the voice did carry on over to "Santa Baby".

  5. I just adore this song and movie. I know the movie is a dud, but Madonna as Nikki Finn is iconic. It was liking watching Madonna taking on mulitple personalities. And the song... I love it... especially when she sings...

    "Light up my life, so blind I can't see
    Light up my life, no one can help me now

    And I thought she just looked incredibly gorgeous when she appeared on the big screen, wearing this...


    Feel free to post your favorite moments from the Who's That Girl era.

  6. I always enjoy listening to "Material Girl" and think how different she sounded back then, especially on this track. There is no way she could pull off a track like this these days. It was perfect timing that she got this song handed to her. I think Madonna has a love/hate relationship with it since people tend to twist the meaning of the song around on her. This songs definitely shows the growth in Madonna music and vocals as her career went on.

  7. I would say that the only periods where this could have worked would have been in the late '80s or the mid-'90s (Evita era). A big band album with a full orchestra, horn section, etc. But now? I don't know. She doesn't sing as well as she used to, and I can't see how it would make sense since she basically makes EDM almost exclusively now.

    Hmm? I would think vice versa... an album you described in her later years such as in the near future would work. I think her voice is far better than the 80's and 90's. I know on her more recent albums, it seems her voice is more thinner, but I think that is all part of the effects to make her sound more younger. I think she sing technically better these days... especially live.

    That all said, I can't see her doing a traditional Christmas album. Not that she's above any of that, because I think it would be "neat', but I have to agree an original Winter/Holiday album would be more fitting for her. I don't believe she really celebrates the traditional Christmas holiday anyway.

    Quite frankly, I feel that her future albums might need to be more theme oriented (with a strong cohesive concept) to get any attention anymore. If she just releases an album of predictable songs, trying to keep up with the younger pop stars, she's just going to come off as if she's desperate for a hit. While I loved "Girl Gone Wild".... it was obvious that they were trying to cash in on the current sound in that genre. Unfortunately, it didn't become a hit for Madonna, but I am sure if it was recorded by some younger pop starlette it would have been huge.

  8. I think the fans expect far too much and put too much thought into all this. I can bet Madonna isn't sitting back, thinking how she will make her next comeback to the music scene. In fact, I think she's beyond that. Yes, I am sure once she gets an album together, then she may think of how to make a splash with it, but I don't think it will be to the degree most fans are thinking now. I personally believe she will go right on tour once the album is released since she doesn't really have much backing in the mainstream media to get her songs played. As a business woman, she will look at what will generate the most money and that will most likely be a huge tour and/or some tie ins with products/ads/television/films. Her contract is with LIVE NATION and she is obligated to that and they will expect a high return. The best way to do that is go back on the road.

    I predict a lot of meltdowns with this next album because she won't have a hit single. Fans will bitch again that the wrong single was released. Fans will bitch because most likely she isn't going to go all out in promotion (other than her World Tour) as she can't keep spending money on free promos shows, huge promotion on singles and/or videos when none of them will generate revenue for her.

    All I can say is that I just enjoy the ride. I don't question how she does it or what could have been. It doesn't change the fact that I love her music and she knows how to put on a hell of a show.

  9. A silly award doesn't replace the hours of pleasure in watching and enjoying this show. I'm sure Madonna doesn't care either. I've always got the impression, it wasn't about winning awards with her. And I find that those who have great commercial success rarely get nominated or win for their work. In many cases, a lot of the acts/artists nominated are never heard of until the nomination or win.

  10. I read what you wrote and was ready to respond before I scrolled down and saw that others already did. So there's a possibilty for you that Sean was abusive but people bought into something far more dramatic? What have they bought into that is more dramatic? There's is no type of person that subjects themselves to abuse which you clarified yourself in your next sentence. It don't take much to push the buttons of someone who clearly had a problem with drinking and controlling his

    temper. Madonna has dated a lot of men. I don't recall any of them describing her as out of control and irresponsible. Wouldn't it be just a tad out of charactor for Madonna to waste the time of policeman and put up a fuss and Sean is just home eating cereal after they just had a common fight?

    The fact that it went that far just proves how much Madonna loved him not because she subjected herself to abuse. She most likely saw him as the one who needed help but she was also VERY focused on her career and completely threw herself into it in the few years that followed.

    Your words: "but let's not fool ourselves, Madonna isn't an ANGEL either."

    This you state like it's a fact but Sean, who has publicly beat people up, him were not so sure...

    Well I got another one for you, "let's not fool ourselves, not everyone who Madonna has had contact with is an ANGEL either.

    I also don't equate Madonna flaws with Sean's. "Isn't an angel either" imo suggests that.

    You apparantly see Madonna as not being an Angel. I see her as a human being. Ironically the ones who many people think need to be schooled already knew a long time ago that Madonna is a human being from the beginning. Some of things I see fans get upset over now I mean...seeing Madonna as a human being doesn't mean we start rewriting her past. I remember that time when she was married to Sean very well. I know what was said by many people and it wasn't something that came along after the marriage. You question Madonna involving herself with him but what about Sean involving himself with her now after the possibilities you suggest?

    Yes you can forgive people who have hurt you if you love them. Obviously Madonna must also know the wonderful things about Sean's personality. He had a drinking problem. He had anger issues. It is not an insult to him to acknowledge that or discuss it and it does not define him as a whole person. He also puts his energy into helping people. He has empathy in him for people in need and I'm sure that's a quality that Madonna loves about him and wants to support.

    Madonna loved Sean and I believe he loved her and I was happy to see them together in Haiti for something worthwhile and real.

    Were you there? No! You have no more idea what happened than I do. You're relying on tabloid reports and nothing more. I stated my opinion based on the strong person I know Madonna is. I don't claim I am right. I just know that the whole situation has been blown out of preportion, and far less was reported back then, than what people actually "claim" to remember.

    I'm not here to make Madonna look bad in this situation. But it's obvious, the woman loved Sean long after their divorce and possibly still does. I still stand by what I say where I believe the abuse was embellished and that I'm sure Madonna played a huge role in their violatile relationship. If you want to read more into what I said and call me sexist, by all means, go right ahead, but you would only be assuming wrong.

  11. Oh good grief, you can't really be serious and tell me that you were worried for Madonna's career after her "Reductive" comment? She said nothing bad about Lady Gaga. Her comment was simply in reference to the song sounding similar. It certainly was played up by the network, airing that interview and some of the media as if it was a personal dig at Gaga. Of course, some of the fans on both sides, tried to insist the same. In fact, some still believe that Madonna was sayiing it about her. The media and the fans are still trying to insist there is some huge feud between them. In the end, I don't think anyone gave a shit what Madonna really said in that interview, but most of the hard core fans. I'm not saying other people didn't have a thought about it, but I think any negativity regarding the whole situation is far more embellished. The hardcore fans are making a bigger deal of it than anyone else. Shame on the media and fans that are trying to insist that Madonna is taking part of this nonsense. It's all one sided. Madonna has pretty much ignored all this negative Gaga vs. Madonna nonsense. Very much like how she ignore Elton's outbursts over the years.

    Madonna isn't perfect. But she's been quite careful by getting involved in these pissing matches that people are trying to drag her in. I'm happy she doesn't respond to them. I'm happy she ignores the fans who try to get her to respond to the nonsense. She seems to ignore it and keeps beating to her own drum. She's far too smart to let this nonsense get to her or respond to it. She knows it accomplishes nothing and people will think of her what they want, no matter what she says.

  12. Bravo! And thank God you said it Jan!

    Please, I said nothing sexist. Some people enjoy reading more into what is actually said. :wacko: I never said Sean WASN'T abusive. Nor did I "blame" Madonna. I just feel that there was far more going on then any of us would know, and the media and many fans bought into something far more dramatic than what really happend. Madonna is hardly the type of woman to subject herself to abuse. Though, I didn't say strong women such as her wouldn't be subjected to abuse, but I just believe that they had a violatile relationship where Madonna could have played a huge role in pushing buttons. In no way am I excusing any possible way that Sean was abusive, but let's not fool ourselves. Madonna isn't an ANGEL either.

  13. Whoa, it seems I started a bit of something!

    I guess it makes sense, as I said I've been a fan forever and when I saw that interview online a few years ago it was all new info for me (and I think saying he asked for the divorce was an error, I think he said "it was decided we would divorce") or something like that. I saw this several years ago.

    But let me say this, as a woman: Any form of abuse is wrong. I am certain he stepped over a line that should never be crossed, I'm just not so sure it was to the degree the tabloid press has led us to believe.

    Another tid bit, from a different interview, maybe the Rolling Stone cover of Sean in 1995? he mentioned that he once asked Madonna to say something publicly about how he hadn't actually trussed her up like a turkey and such to clear his name and she declined. Lol. Honestly, he has talked about it several times.

    I pretty much agree with everything you've posted. It's all vague and of course, the story was embellished over the years. I always had the impression, Madonna wanted to stay married. I'm sure they eventually agreed to split. But she has always been quite old fashioned when it comes to marriage. She even stated over the years, she felt it should last forever. But of course, she knew realistically that wasn't possible... for both of her marriages.

    Even by 1995, Madonna seemed to be a bit jilted by the whole thing, so I can see her being non cooperative to anything Sean requested. In fact, she didn't seem quite pleased when VH1 (I believe in the same year) had brought him out to give her award at the fashion awards.

  14. What a sexist lot of garbage. As usual, blame the woman and say she exaggerates things. I am so angry reading this and I don't anger much. Have you ever been in love with an abusive person or drunk person ? It is incredible hard and even though they are abusive you can still love them. Yes, even strong women such as Madonna. It did make the press but Madonna hates being a victim. It is reported at the time that she had bruises all over her. I should not even be discussing this but it seems that people would rather paint Madonna as a vindictive liar than admit Sean could be abusive. For goodness sake, he has been in jail several times.

    Umm, please don't twist what I said. I didn't say she was a "vindictive liar". In fact, I don't buy she went to the police to report abuse. And no, there was no story at the time, stating she was bruised. Again, that was embellished over time. There was a report that she went to the police, but it was vague. The story that he was abusive was exaggerated as the years went on, based on the fact he was known to get physical with the paparazzi.

    My point was that Madonna is too much of a strong woman to allow herself to admit she loves a man that abused her as much as what has been embellished over the years... (head in the oven, tied to a chair, beaten. and hair cut). I even admitted there was a possibility that Sean did get physical with her, but not to the extent of "head in the oven", etc. I also didn't mean for it to come off that I am blaming Madonna, but what I remember of the time and knowing how strong she was, you can bet that if any abuse went on, it was very much Two-sided.

    In the end, no one knows the real truth, but the fact she still is quite fond of him all of these years later, is quite telling,... the abuse was quite embellished. I don't buy that MADONNA would think highly of him, all these years later if he abused her to such extent. I don't dismiss the possibility that the two got physical the night she went to the sheriff, but I'm betting it was nothing like anything that was embellished over the years. And I have a feeling, the police were only involved because he wouldn't let her back in the house. It seems I recall that was part of the vague story being reported at the time.

  15. I've been a fan since the "dinasoaur" days... the abuse has been higly exaggerated over the years. I think the issue was that since Sean was known to get physical with the paparazzi, people assumed he was the one who got abusive with Madonna.

    Yes, she went to the Sherrif's dept, but I don't believe it was really due to abuse. It was because he refused to let her back into the house to get her things. There may have been threats made. She may have painted a different picture for the cops, but in the end, I agree that she was "hurt" and didn't want to divorce. Her admittance during the filming of Truth or Dare film, just a year after the divorce, that Sean was the "love of her life", tells me that, the divorce wasn't her idea. And if he truly stuck her head in the oven (LOL!!), tied her to a chair, beat on her and cut her hair, she wouldn't be so forthcoming just a year later about Sean being her "true love".

    Madonna was too big of a star for a story of her being severely abused not to make the papers. Back then, there was very little said in what happened. I do recall there was a newsbyte back in the day about her going to the police, but it was quite vague and I think over the years it was embellished. I truly believe the police got involved when she was trying to get back into the house and he wouldn't let her. "Daisey's" mention of Sean's version of the story, pretty much verifies that.

    That all said, I don't rule out that Sean wasn't abusive in some form. He seemed to have a hot temper and the fact he would go after the paparazzi, makes me wonder if he didn't get physical with Madonna. Though you can bet, Madonna is hardly innocent. I believe she probably pushed his buttons. I believe that if he tried to hit her, she probably would swing back. And quite possibly, she may have been physical at first.

    I think he wanted out and she didn't. Madonna isn't the sort of woman who thinks fondly of people who abuse her. I don't believe she would want to stay in a relationship that was abusive.

  16. I love how he keeps bringing her up over and over, acting like thereis some feud between them? Takes two people to feud. I've gotten the impression, Madonna has never paid much mind to him. Also, I thought he originally was pissed because Madonna wouldn't give him an exclusive regarding her pregnancy? Seems like the story keeps changing.

    Whatever the case, for someone who he claims to dislike so much, he talks of her a lot. Then again, in general, society as a whole tends to spend more time talking about/bashing... things/people they dislike, rather spend time on the things they enjoy.

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