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  1. Yeap that's true. Also, if you would've made a survey 5 weeks ago asking Madonna fans if she would be #1 on Itunes for this long and outsell Mariah's TMB 99.9% would've said HELL NO and now look how things have turned out. I still believe that anything is possible at this point. There are a lot of people that are interested in Madonna's music here in the US and not just her fans. I still hope that she can beat her own personal record of 420K, not sure about beating Mariah but I think she has a good chance. What I care the most is that she gets another #1 album and sells really good on the long run, hopefully over 3 million once every is said and done regardless of how much Mariah sells. LOL....talk about getting real. So has Janet sold over a million copies yet here in the US?
  2. Yeah I understand your point, it's always better to be surprise than dissapointed but I just have a feeling that she has a very good chance of braking her best personal record, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I also think that if she doesn't mess up her 3rd and 4th singles, she could very well scann over 2 million by the end of the year, I know I'm getting ahead of myself but so far the buzz has been pretty good for this CD.
  3. I am so happy for Madonna right now. I'm still hopefull she can get to #1 here in the US aswell because she really deserves it. I'm buying all her remixes this coming week since I still haven't bought any yet. I started downloading Itunes the other day but my computer started acting up so I cancel it but will definately try this week. Does anyone know how many remixes are out there? and which one's are the best? thanks.
  4. Bad Robot if the last statement that Skind made about your prediction is true than :p As much as I admire your opinion I do believe that Madonna has a pretty good chance at surpassing her personal best record but I really doubt she can surpass MuMu with 1st week sales. I guess time will tell for now we can only make predictions. But I also wasn't sure how many copies 4M would sell on it's first and was really pleasently surprise when the #'s first came out. And now I'm still surprise at how it's been doing on Itunes.
  5. I thuoght artists/songwriters got paid whenever radio plays their songs, don't they? I'm pretty sure I heard it somewhere a few years ago.
  6. Can anyone tell me what are the top 10 best selling singles for this year.....just wondering if 4Minutes will have a chance of being a winner for single of the year of the Billboard music awards since they're awarded to the artist that sells the most single.
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