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  1. Yeah you're right Mariah wouldn't know anything about taking risks. I didn't say Janet took any risks in releasing Feedback, that was just a crappy song and I really don't know much about the ablum because I didn't bother to buy it. Her music hasn't really interst me since AFU. Prior to that, youcan definately say that she took a big risks in releasing GTIG (from the VR) and even Scream...back then she was on top of her game compare to now. And also this isn't just a Janet thread that's why I brought in Mariah.

  2. Janet is hardly relevant outside your bedroom.

    I think Janet might be down but not out. All she's gotta do is come out with a good album. The good thing about Janet is that at least she's taken more risk with her career than Mariah ever will....anyways has she even taken any risks or always play on the safe side because of being afraid not to get a #1? I'm pretty sure you would know.

  3. I think Hard Candy has got to be one of the best albums out there. I love 4M both the song and the video and the album is awesome, this time around there are so many songs that I can actually see becoming singles (CS, Incredible, MA, GI2M, DWRY, BGO). I do think that now it's not the time for GI2M to be release specially since 4M still going strong on radio. My only dissapointement is what I've been saying all along, the LACK of promotion from Madonna.

  4. So what you're saying that since this is her last album with WB she can't be bother with promotion because she doesn't care.....well that's very unprofessional of her. So if you're correct then we should expect her to WHORE around promotion wise for her 1st album with LN, get Mediocre promotion with her 2nd album and don't even think about getting any promo from her 3rd album....is that how's it's gonna be? Well at least by that time you can use the age excuse, she'll probably be in her late 50's or early 60's.

  5. Why are so many of you saying that CD sells are not as important as touring? Are you guys really that stupid? To begin with if an artist doesn't release new music that the public likes than the public won't bother buying tickets to go see the tour specially when it comes to Madonna where you have to spend at least $300US to get a good seat. If the regular consumers don't know that she has an album out how are they supposed to know that she's also touring? CD sales is what keeps an artits relevant.....although Janet hit #1, her CD is pretty much over now.....how many people are waiting for her tour? Not that many I bet, and how many people are willing to spend hundreds of $'s to see her? only the crazy one's. So you see, CD sales are very important because it measures how popular an artist is and therefore that dictates how much they can charge in their tours, with the exception of Mariah. Oh well, Madonna is becoming more like the old dinesours (Rolling Stonres, Cher) where she care more about her tours.

  6. Sadly I agree. She wanted to spend all her time talking about her documentary which is fine. In the long run I suppose it is more importaint, but she really did jackshit to promote this record on a large scale. Its like she didnt even want to try.

    Yeap, I agree with you aswell. Why did she even bother releasing the album if she wasn't going to promote it.....I don't get it. Does she really think that an album just with her name on it will sell itself....at least here in the US. Why did she bother spending all that money hiring JT/Timba/Pharell if she wasn't gonna give a shit how well the album sells. Oh well. I have her album but don't plan on spending anything else on her, not gonna buy singles or delux editions from this album until she get's her arse up and promotes it which I really think she wont cause after she gets done with the documentary she'll be too busy rehearsing for the tour. W/E! :thumbsdown::nocomment:

  7. Wow, like I said it before, brace yourselves cause HC is gonna have a huge drop in sales next week. For now I don't see go anywhere else but down. Really sad to say but this might just be how it turns out. This album and single could've been MASSIVE with the right promotion and this time you can't blame WB because Madonna is nowhere to be seen. Anyways, what is she up to right now? I mean is she really that busy to promote her own music/album? She needs to get her head out of her ass and stop believing that she can really sell without any promo. I mean 280K is ok, a whole lot lower than what many of us though but still ok. We all know she will forever be a legend and there's no doubt about that but no one will wanna pay those outrages concert prices to see someone who USED to be popular. She needs to mantain herself relevant or otherwise just like many other legends before her, she will dissapear. Once again, this is a shame that Madonna had a huge hit in her hands both album and single but just didn't give a fuck about promotion. Oh well. :dramatic::dramatic:

  8. No we will not.

    Week 1: 282k

    Week 2: 115k

    Week 3: 60k

    457k after 3 weeks.

    WOW :shock: .....Kinda depressing in a way since 3 weeks ago most of us thought she'll be doing over 400K in a week, including myself until I've seen the shitty promotion she was doing here in the States, or everywhere else for that matter. It seems that she has done zero to no promotion for this album, except her mini concert at Roseland.

  9. I'm pretty sure that since LiveNation will want to show what a great place they are for forward-thinking artists & what a money-making business they are, that we'll see a major push for Madonna to have #1's across the board. Mariah won't know what hit her. LOL!!

    Yeah Mariah won't know because if Madonna does as much promotion as she's done with this album there won't be nothing hitting Mariah :lmao::lmao: . WB has done their part, Madonna hasn't done anything except her little gig which only reach hardcore fans that have already purchase her album. What's the point of having your record label promotting the hell out of an artist when the artist doesn't bother promoting the album? Just look at Britney.

  10. If she will goes on tour in September she will prepare that by the time the second single is released. So I don't see any promo with the second single either. Can she be that lazy?

    Well she sure like hell is proving it to us how lazy she can be or maybe she just thinks she's all that and doesn't bother with little stuff like promotion and now she's gonna get what she deserves if her album ends up flopping like American Crap did. And please guys don't come up with excuses about low album sales affecting everyone, this is true for new and upcoming artist but for stablish artists like Madonna to sell 225K to 250K(if she's lucky enough) this is truly a flop. I'm still glad she's gonna reach #1 but so did Janet and that doesn't mean that it was a succes by no means. I'm only hoping that it has legs and sells well over the long run but with no promo insight I just don't see this happening at all.

  11. At this point I'm just hoping for 250K, which in my opinion will still be a partial flop, but I believe that no matter how bad this week is we have to enjoy it cause the 2nd week will be even worse...LOL LOL :dramatic::dramatic: . Oh the drama, I can just see the lambs having a field day with us....LOL LOL, this is too funny. I can't believe this, she had a hit in her hands, 4M, and she just blew it. Somebody needs to tell her that she needs to get ASS of the throne and get real. If she wants her album to sell she needs to promote it, just because she's Madonna doesn't mean that people are going to rush to buy her stuff unlike us fans. And for those of you who say that this is her last album with WB and therefore she doesn't care than that's just really unprofessional of her, isn't it? She has a contract and promotion is part of the equation when it comes to releasing an album. Oh Madonna, you let so many fans down yet again......unfortunately we should be getting used to this by now but some of us just can't. And this time WB has nothing to do with bad promotion, this time I can honestly put the blame on just one person and we all know who she is.

  12. I honestly don't want to know anymore... the FUSE thing is confirmed... after that, expect her to head to EUROPE... no more US promo after this week... let's cross our fingers she'll comeback to US after her Malawi trip on May 15th

    What US Promo? She hasn't done any to begin with except her Roseland gig and that's it, with the exception of 1 or 2 radio interviews she hasn't done anything to promot this album. And this time you can't blame WB. I think it's time for M to get a reality check again.......Just because she's Madonna doesn't mean that people are going to run to buy her album if she doesn't bother to promote it.

  13. This is very dissapointed no matter which way you want to see it. I bet not even Madonna was expecting this...LOL...but it's also kinda funny. I'm glad she's gonna get another #1 album but at the same time this should show her that if she doesn't give a rats ass about promoting her album then she really isn't gonna sell much no matter how good it is. But wow talk about taking a blow, not even I was expecting this and that's after lowering my expections once I found out that she wasn't doing any promo here in the US on the 1st week. I though she ould easily do 300 to 325K but now I guess I take that back and hope that she'll atleast do 250K. Oh well if she doesn't care than why should we. NEXT!!!!

  14. Well... if you see how fast Mariah's new single is rising in airplay... well there you have the answer... PAYOLA DOES EXIST!

    Bye Bye is probably the worst single of the year... so...

    BUY BUY is such a boring single, it took a while for TMB to grow on me but I don't think this single will ever grow on me. I wonder if Mariah will ever take a risk with her career and try to come up with something inovative and creative, even Janet has taken more risks than Mariah.

  15. Madonna would be lucky to git over 200,000

    that will be so embarrassing


    i wonder what these fans will say than

    Well what else could we say? That would definately be consider a flop by Madonna standards and any fan in here would admit to that. But I"m pretty sure we don't have to worry about that, eventhough Madge is not doing much promotion I still think she'll end up selling around 325 to 350K in the 1st week. I'm hoping for more but I'll be happy if she gets those type of sales.

  16. Yeah I know what you mean Zezwer. I'm afraid that no matter how good her 2nd single is Madonna is definately going to have a hard time getting her songs on the radio. We've alll seen what has happened with 4Minutes, it's already sold over a million and has been #1 in Itunes for a long time and it's barely scratching the 50Million AI and look at other artists*cough*Mariah*cough*. I'm really beginning to think that Payola does exists and all this time I thought it was just an urban legend......LOL

  17. Yeah I notice Alex is a lamb but I do have to agree with him on this one, most albums do tend to drop 40 to 60% on their 2nd week. Now we'll see the real challenge which is to see how well it sells in the long run. I would definately be really happy if Madonna ends up outselling Mariah even if Mariah had thebiggest opening on the 1st week. For now we just have to wait and see what happens with their 2nd singles and promotion. Although it is a little surprising to see how much Mariah has dropped given that she has promoted this album a lot, at least here in the US, not sure about Europe.

  18. So do any of you know if she's doing any type of promotion at all? So far I haven't heard anything other than her mini concerts which will only reach her fans and that's about it. Is she doing any TV shows? Radio shows? Anything other than the Pre taped Today show. What the hell is wrong with her....I love her but this is just really stupid of her part not to promote her new single and album. And before anyone goes on an on as to how much 4MTSTW has sold I still think that if she would've promoted it she could've had her 13th #1 by now and yes more than likely she will reach #1 with her album but she could've sold a whole lot more with promotion. What about Europe is she doing any promo in Europe at all...maybe I'm missing something here.

  19. Hey Cat. How r u? its been a while

    Im actually disappointed of Ms half hearted promotion towards this CD

    She has a "monster hit" on her hands and shes "NOT" capitalizing on it.

    Its like a few radio calls, and nothing more.

    Creating sales needs work. And shes NOT working it.

    If "4M" was a medicore hit- then I see her point. But momentum is on her side right now.

    and really there is nothing more than 4M thats promoting the cd.

    I will always be a fan regardless. BUT I WANT BIG BIG SALES (AND A # 1 SONG)

    I totally agree with you Candy, I feel like this song can be a whole lot bigger than it is right now but since Madonna is not putting any effort in promoting it that's why it hasn't hit #1 yet otherwise we would've already been celebrating her 13 #1 in the US by now. What's the point in releasing something new if you're not going to bother promoting it? She has a pretty good chance at getting a #1 and she's not taking any advantage of it. I believe that if she has enough time to spend 2 or 3 hours in the gym there's no real reason as to why she can't promote something as important as her new single/album. I still think she'll do alright, I used to think that she could easily topped herself with this album but now that I see that there's no promotion I have to lower my expectations and say that she'll end up selling 300K to 350K first week and maybe reach 1M within 2 months. I hope I'm proven wrong though.

  20. The Today Show. Whoopdie freakin do. :lol:

    WTF is she thinking!?

    That's what I'm thinking also, did she forget how to promote her own music? Doesn't she know the importance of promoting on the 1st week when the album is out and not months later when the album has already faded away and that's if she decides to do any promotion at all. What the hell is wrong here? The mini concerts are coo but that's not good enough, she needs to do TV interview (GMA, Today Show, Regis and Kelly, Ellen(she really needs to be here ellen has been a huge supporter of hers), don't really care much for Oprah regardless of what other people say I don't think she needs her that much, at least not this time. She has become really lazy when it comes to promoting her stuff, she rather be on QVC promoting the childrens books than promoting her own album. It doesn't make much sense but I'll wati and see what happens here within the next few days to see if she'll be doing any promo at all.

  21. Told ya! Z100 NY 9@9 number 2 tonight! Wednesday April 23 2008

    9. Shake It - Metro Station

    8. Damaged - Danity Kane

    7. Leavin - Jesse McCartney

    6. Sexy Can I - Ray J

    5. Love Is Gone - David Guetta (ft/ Chris Willis)

    4. Forever - Chris Brown

    3. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

    2. 4 Minutes - Madonna

    1. Lollipop - Lil Wayne

    This is Great News. Too bad airplay hasn't climb up higher than it has. Hopefully more radio stations will play it more but I doubt they will. I don't know what their problem is with Madonna. They'll play other crappy songs "No Air" but they won't play 4Minutes, I just don't get it.

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