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  1. 43 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Nah. Good PR would be creating a 'problem' story about her stage being too intricate, the technology being too advanced, her outfit being too skimpy ...all that pish.

    Squabbling about contractual issues in public is BAD PR for both parties

    I agree. This sounds more of a mess and it's not making either party look good. Although they did try that PR move (advance technology) with the Billboard Music Awards and we only got the holograms. Although I liked her performance, I found those things to be absolutely silly and pointless. I would've preferred to see some drag queens joining her on stage instead of those holograms. I hope it was still under warranty and she got her refund....LOL. 🤣   I'm really looking forward to see what she'll come up with for this performance. 

  2. 4 hours ago, metalissimo said:

    do u all think when "Crave" feat Swae lee and "Future" feat Quavo are released on May 10, 17 will get a lot of streams because Swae Lee and Quavo are prominent hip hop acts now ?

    songs by hip hop, rap acts get a lot of streams by teenagers and college students who are hip hop, rap fans.

    I'm hoping those 2 songs will chart on Hot 100

    Has this been confirmed or just wishful thinking? 

  3. 9 hours ago, ULIZOS said:

    Yes, the white ones. 

    But yes, I guess I'm a classic case of a white racist. Always thinking we all want to hear your damn opinion. "Oh, look at me, I'm at Target I'm going to start screaming at that person because she or he or her or his lifestyle offends me. I can do that because I'm white and this is MY COUNTRY AMERYKUH NOW GIT OUT" 

    Not all of them. 😉

    This thread is hilarious...lol. I forgot how full of 'knowledge' some people are in here. 

  4. Well...to be honest she does have a point. This is regardless of who it is wether is Madonna or your 55 y.o uncle or aunt. There are something's that no matter how much we want to do we shouldn't really do. Just look at all those fat people (men or women) who go to the beach or swimming pool and they're wearing those skimpy bikinis or speedos.

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