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  1. 16 minutes ago, sul8323 said:

    Streisand sings other people's songs, lots of them  And standing on a stage, singing someone else's songs is not  what Madonna does.  M could put out standards albums every two years... thank goodness she doesn't.  That is not M. And M is a mother first and that is good.  No Mommy Dearest remake.  


    God.  I hope you realize how stupid this post is. 

  2. On 9/24/2018 at 12:18 AM, Nightshade said:

    It's on the "Rain" Wikipedia page. Here is the Mondino commercial: 

     I don't really think it rips off Mondino, but I think the lighting aspects, stark color palette, and "close-up face" aesthetics are very similar. That's more filming technique than direct artistic borrowing, but that's just my assessment.

    I think the Tellier album cover is definitely referenced in the Rebel Heart cover, but I don't think I'd argue for plagiarism. I bet she liked the idea, but as always, puts her own spin on various concepts. It's not like there is a copyright on wrapping a wire around your head. She also liked the vibe of M/M (Paris)'s work on Björk's Vespertine and Greatest Hits albums which led to the deconstructed, black and white design on American Life. All of this is nothing new.

    Well, M/M did the American Life album cover and I think it has nothing to do with the Bjork covers mentioned. Of course the style is similar since the people that worked on it are the same. Doing a Mondino cover with Mert&Marcus is another thing,  Tt's too similar and it's not like everybody does a cover with wires on the heads. Both are also black and white. 

  3. 18 hours ago, V.K said:

    he's positively ranting,fully triggered !He makes no sense ,has no idea what he's talking about ,so far in the dark when it comes to M...i don't think any of her album covers and shoots have been stolen or that she's ever been accused of such thing(i've heard it about videos and production sound but never shoots)

    There is one cover though. This album is from 2013. Funny that it’s a cover by Mondino!



    He was classy about it though. I wonder what Mondino think about it.




  4. 9 hours ago, loowee said:

    Bieniek is a well known and established artist who has done plenty of commercial works internationally. Some of you thinking he's some nobody who hates the mainstream.....:lol:


    With that being said, he's an ass for posting their conversation publicly, although I can see why he's turnt off by Guy(or M)'s approach. You don't just ask an artist to send you thoughts and sketches to "see if things will work out", it all just sounds like the same ol' stingy strategy that her team has been pulling since she left Warner. Write him a check for conceptual design first and foremost. 

    This. Cover by Aldo Diaz (for FREE) coming soon.

  5. 1 hour ago, animalinstinct said:

    She has uploaded some images onto Instagram to suggest that she’s been involved in shoots though, the Steven Klein ones spring to mind where she recited some poem and the one with the terrible wig.

    The way people access music has changed a lot, so she could get away with a surprise drop with her name alone, as people are always curious to hear a new Madonna album.

    It would make sense to drop the video for the lead single on the same day as the album though. Who knows, she may even have some high entries on the singles chart that way too. 

    Those videos are for MDNA Skin. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, strictmachine said:

    It was NOT mentioned in Vogue Italia and the magazine did NOT say it :abuse:

    It was. 

    Ma dai paesaggi e dai suoni di Lisbona sono poi nati nuovi brani musicali, che verranno raccolti in un album in uscita entro la fine dell’anno.



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