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  1. 1 hour ago, elijah said:

    Great face. She looks straight from 1990 which I adore. Sounding good too. Love David. He has the star quality/appeal.

    As for her ass, I was saying she has done it surgically for 2 years. Then we who (dared to) say it were ridiculed for not knowing how "60ty year old ass looked". Well, here you go. Now compare it to her 50ty years old ass (by the way there was no such a 50ty years old ass). Its her choice of course but I have to say it was totally unneeded. She has always have had a great, small ass and I loved it.

    Yes to all of this. My longer quote to this post was deleted but whatever. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, todsmod said:

    I hope she's not (and pretty sure she's not) doing some sort of performance for New Years in NY tonight.....weather will NOT be nice.  Anything (surprise) would be nice.  I'd rather see some lesser so-called star get drenched/blown off stage than something happen to M.

    I'll be checking (disappointed or not) regularly also.



    Do you realize she can perform indoor? 

  3. 1 hour ago, stevo208 said:

    Her speech in Morocco seemed to be professionally filmed. Maybe something else was filmed?

    Her last birthday was filmed too, and I guess every birthday she had lately. It doesn’t mean a thing. She’s Madonna, she has friends that can make those videos to her without other use than the one to remember those days. 


    24 minutes ago, maddies said:

    I don't think so, her soundtracks will be flopping after the award season ends.

    The soundtrack is already a big seller, it’s not gonna flop after awards season (what does it mean, it was released 2 moths ago already). Actually I can see it growing after awards season like The Greatest Shwoman did.

  5. 11 hours ago, sul8323 said:

    I thought that I read somewhere that M mixed the first six song in a panic for an imminent release.  The remainder of the album seemed better than what became known as the "Rebel Heart EP".


    Well, Rebel Heart the song sounded like shit with all that distortion. Same for the volume leves on Holy Water. Hold Tight too is a mess (probably the worst mixed song).

  6. 46 minutes ago, Maleficent said:

    Mastering of MDNA overall was amazing. Crisp clear audio quality and good bass. The vocal production and engineering however was an issue in itself. You can't even understand what she was singing in the 2nd pre-chorus of LoveSpent (which is sad bc it could have been a classic M song). And the pitched vocals were also an issue (they pitched her vocals on TUTR and GMAYL way too high, creating the "helium" sound). 

    I'm hoping Mirwais and Lauren pull through and give us full-treble, raw, M vocals with true depth (like on AI and Music). 

    Yes, she probably did 1 bad take for each song and that was it. I mean, the fact that she had a cold while recording Falling Free and that they could't find the time to do it right when she was feeling well..

  7. 59 minutes ago, Martin B. said:

    I will never understand those of you who imagine that she has changed the timeline of the album because of ASIB. Are you serious? :lol: Until the end of the summer, this movie was surrounded by a negative rumor and it was only when the promotional machine was started that a success began to be manufactured. In no way anyone, let alone Madonna, could have been intimidated by the release of this album. And now, even if the album and the single have been stuck in the top 10 for weeks, nobody listens or wants to hear the music of this movie. Yes, people wanted to see the movie because of the aggressive advertising campaign, but no one came out of it running to buy his soundtrack. Its success is pure payola and anyone following the industry knows it. 

    Most of my friends are in love with the soundtrack and they bought it. And they’re not even Gaga fans. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Confessit said:

    Anywhere between January-April next year.

    My personal bet is an April release for the album with the lead single in Febuary and a second single in April just before the album.

    Six more months just for mixing/mastering sounds a little bit too much to me. Now if she wants to sit on this album so long because the tragectory for the albums since Hard Candy has been like that..well that's another story. 

  9. 1 minute ago, Showdown said:

    Correct me if im wrong, but didnt M herself mix songs as well? I wanna say she mixed the intial release of the first few tracks. IMO she should go back to spike but as much as i found RH dull i think the bass on some tracks to be incredible. VVV is SO good played on a car stereo LOUD

    Well she's not credited on the mixing process. She was in the studio just like she's now and she's probably working on it too but he's the mixing/mastering guy. The bass on some RH tracks is great, but the volumes and the distortions on some tracks are really messy. 

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