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  1. 3 minutes ago, Shaun said:

    You’re so overdramatic, it’s ridiculous. All I asked for was for you to back up your claim that it was a “so-called visual album.” You can’t, got it. Do you ever get tired of complaining? Because we’re tired of reading your moaning about magazine covers FIVE months after the fact.

    We got nineteen new songs, five music videos, and a critically-acclaimed tour. Her artistic passion is unmatched and we’re beyond lucky that she’s so engaged nearly 35 years into her career. What a waste of energy to continually bitch about the commercial aspect of this inspired project.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. 1 hour ago, cocolattee said:

    I know that a lot of people will jump on me for saying this but watching the show, although I enjoy it as a whole and I love that she brought back AL, I can't help but think how stiff and wooden she has become on stage. After the MDNA tour her performances have changed quite drastically, she moves very little and even the little she does, she seems uncomfortable and almost afraid to move. Obviously her age is a factor but even though she doesn't train as hard as she used to, she's still a very active person (she even rides horses) so it surprises me to see how little she does on stage. Even that "I dont search I find" video she posted on Instagram a few days ago shows she still has the moves!! So why not show more on stage??

    The record is easily one of her best but her live performances this era have been very underwhelming in my opinion...

    Yeah pretty much another one here who will jump on you for this shitty post.You found her stiff?? How little she does on stage??!  WTF?? Did we watch the same performance?! 

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