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  1. 27 minutes ago, acko said:

    Please delete that Roger Friedman thing, I ask the Mods to have his content banned from the forum.

    Also I would like his name 2 b automatically masked as R**** *******n

    He is sucha pathetic little unfuckable weasel of a man.

    Thank u 4 listening,

    A concerned customer.

    Yes.... pls bar his name on display from the forum.... he's foul and he smells!!! He ate rubbish for lunch and dinner thus all his work smells utter rubbish and rotten.. just like a pile of dung.

  2. Daily mails are hippos!!! They are never fans and always reporting Madonna issues that degrades her and make her a laughing stock of some kind just for their click baits to go up... Even though 4 stars, it seems abnormal for them to show such generosity for Queen M....  Daily mail is "incapable" of showing such kindness towards M.... something is OFF!!! 

  3. I wrote this on Youtube: Very very thought provoking piece of work! Break free of incarceration and condemnation of thyself! Groundbreaking, provocative cinematic and religious all at the same time. You will need time to digest. 

    ps: I kept thinking about the Woman in Black (2012) movie starring "Harry Potter"  Daniel Radcliff - the image of the woman in black is exactly the same as Madonna's character.... which was a angst, hellish character.... btw, ifyou like gothic and horror movies, its a great one over the weekend!

  4. I've heard it three times so far... refreshing and strong - musically and lyrically this making the whole song stood out on its own. Production is tip top! Now every time i listen to the song in YouTube, I put it on repeat mode! 3 songs from Madame X offered different perspective and appeals and I like them all... looking forward to Madame X in June!

  5. 12 minutes ago, iamme said:

    Unless they have a new category called The Billboard God of Music Award strictly created for her, Madonna should not accept other awards. They are so below her. 

    I mean awards are good and we know M has always mentioned she doesn't care about awards but people in general need to know... they associate awards = success (that's y you win something)

    Janet Jackson for example: gotten the artist achievement award twice in 1995 n 2001.... what did she do to get that award for a 2nd time?

    M is long over due for a special recognition and they televised when Mariah Carey received the Artist of The Decade for (90s) back in 1999... special hot 100 award in 1996....... where's M special presentation when she was named Billboard Artist of The Decade for (80s)???

    I find that Billboard seemed to be bias especially when it comes to awarding Madonna...

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