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  1. Though the Grammys are now a popular contest, I still want the nominations  big or small to come in which M deserves and also to compensate for their outrageous snubs over the decades...

    Can you image the news it would generate for a 60 year old to be nominate in pop categories.... it would be a slap for those people who ever criticised her for chasing the trends... and should she won a few, it would be a great collection to her current numbers (which I seriously hated they always say 7 time Grammy award winner) she is long over due for a few more additions.

  2. I do hope she can score her most moms with Madame X... the general categories (record/album/song) pop categories (pop album/pop solo/pop duo), recording package, best music video... it's her time the slay the grammmys!!!

    But the based on popularity on billboard charts, her chances may seemed slim with no radio support or backup by a record company.... but chance the rapper was also not tied to a label (if I remembered correctly)... 

  3. 1 hour ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Its kind of relative. Babs got started *20 years before M yet only has 2 more #1s. And she released a *sh*tload of albums esp in the 60s and 70s. I mean...a LOT! lol Babs has like 34 top 10 albums (yet 'only' 11 #1s). And Barbra was absolutely separate...very separate kinds of music and performer to M but equal in many ways to M far as popularity during her 60s and 70s peak. Like I said, I'd love it if the 2 of them stayed exactly where they're at but ain't happening. While streaming I think was only for the Hot 100 at first in 2013 (that's fine) but w/ it now equally as much of a factor w/ albums, in 10 years (maybe less) the 'name's of who will most likely surpass M and Barbara..an emoji won't cover it lol! 

    That's just me rambling... lol.

  4. 9 minutes ago, stevo208 said:

    They're currently desperately changing their rules to discount some of her sales so that Bruce can claim the top spot. True story.

    Really?... wow.... OMG!! So its true that there is some sort of conspiracy to prevent M from going to No. 1.... How do you know this?  Does this happen only to M? So in future, if ever M has a potential release, they will try to get someone to upstage her in any way, shape or form? Talk about playing the rules... So they are willing to tweak the rules for someone to get to No. 1 but not Madonna?

  5. 3 hours ago, MLVC82 said:

    I find it strange that Billboard hasn't announced it yet? they announced her 47th #1 club play....but why not the Album at #1?

    Yes, found it strange that the delay is like 2 days already........................does billboard always previewed the new chart on Thursday? or they used to do it....? Besides the Hot 200, it will also be No. 1 Top Album Sales, Top Digital Album, Top Tastemaker Album, Top Internet Album (if this chart still exists)......  

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