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  1. This is a good one... We're just different. We can't be the same.
  2. Absolutely the same for me! But I'm also kinda nostalgic because my country, Romania, was a monarchy between 1881-1947... when Romania was at its peak. I've always had this sense of history and tradition, I read and watched tons of documentaries, especially about Queen Marie of Romania, who was born in England and felt romanian until her last day.
  3. It would have been interesting to see the Queen attending The Girlie Show
  4. That one was sick as well. Sick, weirdos, anti-monarchy (or other forms of government). The world is full of them.
  5. I don't buy this, sorry. I'm sure he was one of the anti-monarchy protesters.
  6. Sick people. Politics turn people into monsters.
  7. Meghan is an intruder of the royal family. No class, no style, nothing. Just a mediocre american actress. The good thing it's that Harry and her both agreed and wanted out from the family. Kate would look absolutely stunning one day as a queen.
  8. Speaking of muslims... I find this singer's career and life mindblowing... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergen_(singer)
  9. I was always fascinated by this, but became even more fascinated since 2005 when I saw how sunrise and sunset looks on Mars captured by NASA's Spirit Mars rover. I even applied on a NASA archive job but it was impossible when there was only 1 job in the whole world at that time
  10. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing! It's impossible to be alone!
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