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  1. The 80% drop for RH was the pure-sales drop. RH's first week only included redemptions from a few dates (as not all dates were on sale up through the album release), and it was digital-only (Billboard estimated just 10,000 or so came from the promotion). So, I would expect at least an 80% drop for the new album; look at Jonas' album, dropping some 95% or so in sales. The overall drop was 87%, thanks to decent streaming numbers.

    In any event, this is a GC thread.  We'll see when M will bestow the clip to the world. 🙂

  2. Madonna's performer status won't be tainted by one event/performance, no matter how many people watched it. Nobody, even the best of them, hits it out of the park every time. Given her track record, I'm confident she will continue to show why she is the Queen with the new tour.

    And, yes, her reaction was classic M. Was that Liz. R in the background or another assistant/publicist?

  3. What televised  RH performance aired during release week in the USA? (not recalling) The Ellen show was the week after.

    ashtangi74- a hit? At age 60? The adult-oriented charts is where she will score them, if at all- and she's doing so, with "Crave."

    I wouldn't be surprised if the overly-but-unsurprisingly-dramatic reaction to Eurovision put her off to live performances for the time being.

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