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  1. Perhaps the beach scenes were shot when Madonna wasn't in Portugal? Anyhow, who was freaking out about it? For myself, I simply pointed it out ; it wasn't meant to be a serious thing. It certainly shouldn't take away from the video experience.

    "Batuka" is an excellent addition to M's incomparable videography.

  2. Madonna rising the horse is one thing. Hopefully someone can post that quick side shot of the  face from "Batuka." We know that M had a body double for the video, which was the figure we see in the beach scenes- hence, the lack of views of her face.

    This is not a big deal- as someone mentioned, she's had body doubles before.

  3. ^Yah- sounds good. 🙂

    For extended counts, "Paradise (Not For Me)" and "Iconic: could be fourth clips for Music and Rebel Heart, respectively. Then there's also "Nobody Knows Me," though that was years after American Life; but it could still count as a video. I forget what kind of footage "Best Friend" had as a video interlude.

    Hoping she features prominently in "Batuka, with her "castmates."

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