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  1. This would have to be the first time that I agree with Zezwer. :dramatic:

    The Czech Republic is NOT a 3rd world country. You should spend less time worrying about clothes and make up and get a grip on the real world.

    Prague has quickly become one of the trendiest cities in Europe, and in terms of prices it's almost as expensive as say Paris, it's more expensive than Berlin, f.e.

    As for CT in Prague ... I never got why it was reported the show wasn't sold out. I flew to Prague to see her after I couldn't go to A'dam and the crowd there was crazy + imo it was PACKED, oh and their arena is the best I've ever been too, it was opened 2004 and SHITS all over Bercy or Wembley.

    I agree, I went too, Prague was FULL. The only tix you could buy were the odd 1 ticket sold in a local shop window! The crowd were crazy and M worked it!

    Also the t-shirts and everything were half the price than in London. M wouldve knew about this before she travelled there, it didnt stop her.

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