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  1. In LAW. The government can quash the vote and do another, or even decide by themselves. The only one still standing is the 'hippy' that they said that had no balls to govern. The rest can fuck off now (I would seriously get arrested by punching each of them). Poor old guys on his own still representing! Everybody should back Corbyn now through holding his head up through this shit still wanting to help the country and move forward. Fuck the rest, sorry but that's a leader to me and he is wanted to be burned at the cross! Even by who he gave jobs too.

  2. Corbyn said on TV before the vote at a crucial time he was only 70% (on the last leg show). He was quite honest. Nothing like Cameron.

    I sorta know Lucy Powell (education secretary) whos stepped down, no posh schools and normal Uni for her. She loves Corbyn and will have a very bright future. Shes in Labour to protect the North. There are genuine ones out there that just want the party to survive. I don't know about the south. She used to be a clubbber! (raver). I do think (no northern divide from me) but the southern Larbour party ministers want a new Blair, more to the right. #justsayin

    Also, there were a LOT of postal voting forms not sent out. Mine hasn't even come yet :lol: Im not the only one, look on twitter. Luckily I got to a polling station. Not that it helped but many others couldn't.

  3. I had to turn the telly off yesterday laughing/crying at the 'can we re-vote?' mongs. They are at it now theres over a million signatures to do it again. I just.....

    Chelle my friend Helen, you know her boyf who got her name wrong on her valentines card. Him. Hes well educated with a decent job he voted leave and told her he hadn't decided and guessed when he had the pencil in his hand. Shes dumped him.

  4. Oh in the 5 years it takes us to get out anything could change or happen.

    I doubt ill be around to see it. But yes the immigration side of it, the nurses and doctors that looked after me were from India, Britain or the West Indies. On the other hand EU immigrants percentage wise pay 34% into taxes more than they take out. I think this should be looked at as a trade and defence issue. Trade we know the answer, defence we know the answer, human rights we know the answer and others wanting to join (naming no names) will have to change theirs if they want to join. Id like to be a part of that. (Yes Id love to leave) but you cant get all that going out. Plus although im quite a nationalist, Its safety in numbers.

    Unfortunately Swiz and Norway have been fucked up the arse with no lube for years.

  5. Pud does somewhat have a point. You cant mention or say if youve seen a gun here and ur in jail. So this happens by someone with mental issues (that probably didn't know what he's on about) probably listened to a fight the system cd for all i know. Now with the dark web, you can get anything. Ive seen an (obvs illegal) gun once and that was a decade ago and i can remember the shock.

    Bit different to the US. But as good as it is, the underweb, 3d printers this shits gonna get worse. We have got amazing gun laws in the UK. Yeah my brothers got one (like M and Guy had in the country house) but that was a nightmare getting and its only to shoot in the sky to stop the birds eating our fish. Its not the same as a fucking machine gun. And you have to apply to why, and get the checks. I still don't like it being there but you know I turned down running the place. Me in a morning would shoot the milkman if he woke me up.

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