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  1. Mines called coco white??? I pay a fortune for it. I didnt know you could use olive oil. Honestly im so gullible. Just like my collagen pills, I pay more to have the brand with a posh bottle, even though they are in a draw. So glad im not put on one of those money saving tv shows where Aldi stuff is nicer. At least im honest about it. Lets face it its the mentality that keeps people buying new phones. Its bad. At least my phones old. :lol:

  2. I got pulling stuff too but it takes ages. I want one of those blowy things (no comments from Chelle or Vande thanks).

    Its been on TV here, the dentist said yes to do it, if you are doing it right or you can cause more damage for its worth. Its best to use those mini brushy poker things (incidentals?) . Ive got those too if I feel like I need it. Blowy things are the future.

  3. I love your logic!!! :)

    I think that they would ask for more for the extra material though but I get where you are coming from. Why pay £150 for a pair of shorts when the jeans cost the same. Don't get me started on mens pants (trunks) Its stupid and they are hardly ever seen! At least womens are frilly.

    Blossom started the war on fashion!

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