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  1. Ok, does anyone else always wonder why people say aliens travel all the way to Earth and then just experiment on some people and leave ? They would not be afraid of us because if they come to Earth, they would be so far advanced to us - what with knowing how to travel over a million light years at the speed of life to reach us. Or how to manipulate time and space. They would not just pop in for a quick experiment on a few people in secret.

    There is most likely life on other planets as the Universe is so mind boggling enormous. The sad part is they are so far away that we will never get to know of them.

    I saw the other day a scientist said we could have it wrong on a basic level. Why look on planets for them? The other planets in our solar system are pretty much useless wed know by now. They would be on man/alien built huge space crafts. Their own 'worlds'. We just stare at barren planets. Totally in the wrong place. So yeah, if theyve been around for years were too small to nibble on, some might be closer than you think.

    We could be a tiny little experiment and they come as a daytrip to see the zoo or ant farm.

  2. What on earth is on the news, apparently there's been a blackout till now. Germany are saying that people should buy 10 days worth of food and water to last them 10 days??? I have the news on about 12 hours a day and never saw this coming.

    Any ideas??? Is ET coming home or should we be buying iodine tablets and hiding in basements? Its madness to scare a nation like that. Im baffled.

    Its all over the web and news bulletins now so youll probably know more than me by time you read this..

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