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  1. So my 30th birthday is next month and I've decided to get a tattoo of Madonna. Her face is the only thing I'd consider permanently putting on my body.

    I already have the photo I'm going to use but wanted to see if other people had Madonna tattoos or if you were to get a tattoo of her likeness what photo would you base it on?

  2. please no Spannish lesson !!!!! I will leave during that performance for sure, its her worst ever song.

    It's posts like these that make me wish for a 20 minute extended performance of Spanish Lesson with video interlude. I have no demands of Madonna and expect her to take me for an incredible ride during HER show which she has time and time again.

  3. Ugh, this sucks for everyone who has already shelled out travel expenses etc. for this. I was excited to go because I was only a couple of hours away and it was opening night. But it's sort of a blessing in disguise right now because I could use that money right now. I guess I'll make plans to go see her in either Phoenix, Detroit, or DC. Wonder which one will be least likely to be cancelled.

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