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  1. As someone who was at Pulse the night of the mass shooting (I had left before the shooting) but so many in my community were effected and I know a lot of people who lost people I was worried about watching a mass shooting in a disco video but I am absolutely blown away. It was uncomfortable to watch for sure but good art is supposed to make you uncomfortable. This is definitely getting a lot of attention in Orlando where we're so vigilant. Thank you Madonna and Jonas for such a profound masterpiece.  

  2. 3 people I know are wounded. All employees of the club. Not many updates on their condition.

    One person I know was there and managed to escape. I along with all my close friends were weighing going out tonight but we all stayed home. The news unfolded last night around 2 AM and I haven't slept since.

    When these things happen elsewhere in the US, I become so enraged at our backwards gun laws that it almost smothers the tragedy of what happens. Now I'm just kinda frozen in depression. This place was a local institution, I used to go there as often as twice a week. The amount of lives lost makes me want to throw up.

    Thanks for all the support and well-wishes on social media. I appreciate that some of you guys reached out. We need all the love we can get.

    Glad to hear you're safe.

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