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  1. 21 hours ago, Martin B. said:

    The level of venom that is directed at young people who still have everything to learn from life but who are trying to find Their place in the world is really disgusting. Whether it's Greta, the survivors of the Parkland massacre or any other youngster who protests on the street, they are trying to make a difference in a collapsing world we have given them and by making mistakes normal for their age and according to a code of value that we gave them. This way of knocking them out with reproach for each error is a way of trying to silence them now so that everything remains exactly the same for previous generations. Sad.

    This entire topic gives me "old bommer" vibes which is sad and pathetic.

    The 16 year old who talks about climate chance is the target to put down. Not the big corporations that have been using and abusing our environment and taking up resources for decades 😂

    Imagine spending all this energy to discredit her LOL

  2. 1 hour ago, Samo said:

    I said it's a visual album just as Madonna is a visual artist in that, she's playing different personas on the album, that make up Madame X, not in that she was gonna make a video for every song type visual album...


    It's all pointless now anyway, 98% of the general public have no idea about the album or that she's even on tour, her career, legacy and lack of PR push has been an absolute DISGRACE in the last 10 years


    There's no other way to put it


    It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from


    Ashame because RH and MX are good albums

    Madonna is a 60 year old woman doing pop music.

    She also didn't send songs to radios because she knows they wouldn't play her.

    You need to realize Madonna is not competing with anyone in their 20's, 30's or even 40's right now. She's beyond that stage and trying to think she should even do that is ridiculous!

    She's still doing better numbers than every woman pre-Beyonce. Look at Mariah, Janet, Celine's english albums usually sell around the same as Madonna. Madonna has already surpassed sales from Britney, Christina Aguilera, etc...people 2 generations younger than her (Mariah etc were the ones before).

    She also just gave us 6 music videos for the first time since ever. She doesn't need to do that shit anymore lol. She clearly is doing this because she loves it. If she wanted to just do money she'd re-release all her material, promote that,  announce her first Greatest Hits tour and do stadiums with it. Clearly that's not where she is at fortunately.

  3. Honestly the vocal production of Madame X killed most of its chances. It was a mess. 
    I love the album but i always felt like the great messages were being overshadowed by those vocal effects. 
    You can't really have such heartfelt messages and Portuguese sounds with sound effects like Batuka and most Mirwais songs. 

    I feel like her vocal production was much better in everything not-Mirwais: Crave, Come Alive, Looking For Mercy, etc. 
    The only Mirwais song that i felt the vocals weren't entirely ruined was Extreme Occident. 

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