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  1. Just now, imakicola said:

    Well there’s also Donna De Lory...didn’t she sing backup for “Like a Flower”?

    She also featured in Annie Lenox’s “Sing.”

    Doesn’t really count, but she also contributed vocals for the video of “God is a Woman.”

    Oh you’re right I forgot about Ariana’s and Annie’s songs. I didn’t know about Donna’s! I remembered Like a Flower as a Madonna demo that ended up in Spanish/Italian cause she gave it to Laura Pausini but I’ll check that out

  2. 2 hours ago, Geiger83 said:

    Well, it has already been discussed that the theater tour is only the beginning. Maybe the theater tour is some kind of "promo tour" and there will be a "second leg" with stadiums or big venues later. Maybe there will be another surprise?

    That sounds like a plan I hope it’s true

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