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  1. 1 minute ago, Nikki said:

    And it’s not consistent, because the grillz have nothing to do with madame x, but she still wears them.. it’s at these moments (along with others..) she needs people to tell her what looks good and what doesnt. Not ass lickers.

    I think people do but she just doesn’t care. I really hate those grillz and don’t know one single person who likes them on her or anybody for that matter. And I agree, I’d like to see her more natural and elegant during interviews saving her persona for the shows cause she even looks uncomfortable wearing all of that and it’s not like she’s making a statement with it. 

  2. Oh come on she wasn’t rude to Sir Ian at all! In fact I felt some good chemistry between them and I liked his sense of humor. I didn’t like her outfit at all though. She did look uncomfortable in it and she’s gorgeous and she can look a lot better than that without the eyepatch, grillz and with a different outfit and hairstyle. On that Brazilian Spotify video she looks stunning. But this is just my opinion. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Danmacevents said:

    So it's out in Chile? Officially? In confused now lol 

    Yes it is. Several fans have posted pictures and clips.

    1 hour ago, bardo said:

    you're right that it's probably inevitable at this point. but these days big releases don't really leak more than a day or two before unless there's a big breach of some kind (like bjork and madonna's last albums). the labels have gotten pretty good at keeping things on lockdown. not sure how that store in chile received the vinyl so early or why they chose to sell it before friday.

    If they decided to sell it before it was a huge mistake and I’m sure they’ll regret it. And yeah I mean the album hasn’t leaked yet and if there’s any link out there it’s because someone legally bought the album in Chile and decided to illegally share it but it’s not leaked just released before it’s time

  4. The album will definitely leak this week and there is NO need to panic. It won’t affect it’s sales. I’m a Kylie fan as much as a Madonna fan and Golden leaked 4-5 days prior to the release and it was a commercial success (on Kylie’s markets of only of course). All albums released in this digital era leak at least a week prior to the official release and if it’s been legally sold in countries like Chile they’ll keep posting it which doesn’t make it right but there’s not much we can do about it. What we can do is report those links (if we see them) and wait for the official release but trust me guys, at this point it will definitely leak (or just be posted cause it’s actually been released in 1 country so far) and it’s not something to be mortified about. Just don’t share the links and do not listen to it even if you bought it. Help them take the links down by reporting them but again...don’t panic. The sales can not be affected at all at this point. All albums from all artists leak 1-2 weeks before and nothing happens, this is technically not a leak it’s just a rushed release in 1 market and so far it’s under control. Madame X will be a success! Can’t wait for Friday. 

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