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  1. If Madonna goes to Pride with this ridiculous set list and does not sing GodControl then she really is confused. It's one thing to release he wrong teasers IMHO and finish your budget on videos for them when you had Gastoso and Batuka on the album or even Crazy, it is quite another to have a new fucking album and you are at a pride event. Know your market. Not everything must be a rebellion or a message. Just have fun with music. That is why GodControl and IdontsearchIfind was on the album and she went to Eurovision with future. That is why Springsteen is beating her in Europe because no way she went to Eurovision with a disco banger like Godcontrol and frigging Springsteen would be selling thousands more copies than Madonna in Europe? Unheard of. Who does that? Because message. We have heard the message M. Now just perform sometimes too.  

  2. 16 minutes ago, neeto_mosqueeto said:

    Ain’t nobody got time for you, right now. This is a MADONNA Forum. 

    Some days... these trifling bitches test me.



    Listen! Like we are the first to do it. Riri Bey Gaga Katy etc practically have streaming camps streaming their songs and this one is on a Madonna forum lamenting that we buy multiple copies perhaps as gifts? Sit down. The tours sell out. That's enough different asses for you. 

  3. Notice how all your responses have been far more dramatic than my opinion which was two sentences give or take. I follow her on IG and I did not see all those. So, I said, I THINK. I, meaning ME. THINKS- meaning a THOUHT. Not that I know for a fact. Then I gave my reasons. You come and show me tweets and stuff and I am thinking, oh maybe I was wrong. The rest of the dramatics. SAVE IT. Go stream MadameX. If she can't be number one in the UK let her at least lock down the US and other places. Instead of going off on a rant about the world today etc because someone expressed a thought. It really is not that deep.

  4. 4 minutes ago, sotos8 said:

    To be absolutely fair the younger generation prefers to stream and don't buy cds , and it's not easily manipulated as you say ,that's just the way it is

    It is very much easily manipulated and many artists have mentioned this. T Pain tweeted about it a few weeks ago how these numbers are fabricated for the so called popular acts. It is an open secret in the industry that the streaming numbers are often fabricated for some. Tidal was called out for doing it for Beyonce. Has nothing to do with what the younger generation prefer. It's just a fact that it is easily manipulated. 

  5. Don't become complacent. It's only Saturday. Stay buying and streaming. Also, I do not know why the GodControl video hasn't dropped. If that video drops right now, MadameX  will be number one everywhere. 

    Then Next week drop FazGostoso. That should have been the marketing plan. 

    Following week drop Batuka. 

    Then Crazy.

    Just like that and I guarantee a lengthy stay at the top or thereabouts.

  6. What makes me laugh is when they speak of bundles like it is cheating. Um. STREAMS are the worst. How are you counting sales based on how often I listen to a song on certain apps? Easily and always manipulated just like they did for Beyonce on tidal.

    At least with bundles you are paying for something and you do not have to redeem it if you do not want to. 

    Nevertheless I stay streaming on spotify 

  7. 10 minutes ago, pieciolot said:

    I loved it. No idea why she was so nervous though. Her upper lip kept quivering. Never seen that before in any of her interviews.

    I have. Madonna has always had an anxiety problem in public. Her hands are always shaking and she often sounds breathless. I have mentioned this before. It's amazing that she covered it up all these years. I wish when she writes her book she actually details it. She eventually relaxes but in general the first few minutes of many Madonna public appearances, look at her hands. 

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