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  1. 31 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    Many people complained MDNA was rushed and RH was a sloppy rollout because of the leaks, which many blamed on her team for not being on top of things as they should be. People took issue with HC because of the extremely well known producers/collaborators involved.  So, she's taking her time, NOTHING has leaked so far and we have Mirwais back on deck. So, aren't we getting what we asked for this time??

    Let the woman go through her process......she has six kids and that's clearly her priority. She's doing things on HER time (relatively speaking) at her leisure as she should at 60 yrs old. She's earned it. I understand for us longtime fans that were used to her churning out an album every 2 1/2 years like clockwork that this is a change and that for younger fans that may not remember that time in her career, well sorry ya missed it. This is what it is now though. She really doesn't owe anyone anything and she hasn't broken any promises. No release dates have been pushed back. Technically, we're still in her "normal" time frame of her artistic process. Patience and attention spans have dwindled greatly in the age of "I HAVE to have everything NOW". May as well sit back, relax and go and revisit that M album you just never fully connected with. 


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