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  1. an ATRL insider said

    My favs from the album include: 

    - Future's production reminds me of how they use the horn in (Ariana's) Bloodline. The song is a summery reggae bop. Madonna and Quavo actually sound great and own the song. 

    - God Control starts out angelically with a gospel choir and smoothly turns into a disco upbeat fever, after a few gunshots lol. (I Don't Search I Find is the other disco-inspired track left in the album).

    - Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) is quite interesting with Madonna singing in Portuguese. To me, this song is perfect to be the 1st single, not Medellín, it still has that Portugal vibe but super catchy and danceable. 


    My last post about Madame X, and you all know why. 




    So Excited

  2. I begin to think that people like to hate Madonna. They are ready to dislike what Madonna does. crave is a great song. If this song was Beyonce's song, people would have praised it. They blame Madonna for her age. As she is old, does she has to remember the past like other old singers, or just sing like La Vien Rose with your guitar in a middle-aged lady outfit?

    The day will come when people will appreciate the way Madonna is doing. I am proud of Madonna fighting against ageism.

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