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  1. 5 minutes ago, Gabriel Ciccone said:

    Now it's official. We have 4 different music videos.

    1- Portugal in January

    2- Los Angeles with drag queens

    3- Portugal with Maluam

    4- London with the twins

    i think 1 & 4 are not.  they might be related to her new project. netflix? or a part of a new music video? 

  2. Indian Summer, the title, is so good imo. if it's true, it seems like the song can draw monstrous streamings in india as well as latin america. considering that youtube in india is huge, i think Indian Summer is a good title. i know it is all up to music not a title. lets pray

  3. The video has a wedding theme, she's with a wedding dress aand a cowboy hat

    There's this table where people are drinking a d dancing while she walks towards Maluma on the table

    One of the lines of the song goes '1,2 Cha Cha cha'



    from the ATRL insider


    take with a grain of salt 

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