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  1. Disappointing for sure.

    But I always thought the Eurovision and Pride performance talk, was sort of wishful thinking?!

    She could always surprise everyone and drop in--which would be incredible.

    It's really blowing my mind that everything about this album is still so lock and key.

    No one seems to have any specific idea (that they are revealing anyway) of the theme, the look, the sound, or the overall visuals of the album. Especially since the single is rumored to come out next month (April) and the album in May or June. 




  2. 28 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    Agreed. It was perfect when she did it in '06. Remember how back then the fact that such a big "pop star" like Madonna performing was such a big deal?? And now look at it...lol....it's definitely commercialized bullshit at this point. No disrespect to Ariana as a person, I LOVE that she's such an M stan and she really does seem like a sweetheart.....but to be harsh for a moment....her music is garbage. I hate saying that but truly, it is.

    Yea, 06 was probably the prime era timeframe of Coachella. Now it's full of d*uche bags trying to show how much $$ they have and basically just a big rave lmao. The lineup this year is pretty terrible. I actually like Ariana for what she is--this latest album is good I think. She sure as hell can sing! 🙂 

    The festival in the US that Madonna should "crash" and perform at surprisingly is Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. It's actually at its "cool peak" now and is attracting awesome line-ups. 


    I always kinda worry about quality of the result and quality of the music when artists delay and delay with albums--or are in the recording studio for what seems like a year (or longer).

    Could it be worst case scenario that Madonna had a full album almost ready to go for summer or fall 2018, and scrapped it, and started mostly over? Are there too many producers and cooks in the kitchen with this album? 

    Sometimes the best albums are written and recorded super fast, and boom, it's brilliant. Just wondering if there is a reason behind this long production of the album ... 🙂

    What do you guys think ?


  4. 26 minutes ago, Andra said:

    What's the longest she's ever worked on an album(besides this one), anyone know?

    It would most likely have to be Rebel Heart, MDNA or Like a Prayer? She took almost all of 1988 for Like a Prayer (there were zero singles released by her that year), and Like a Prayer came out in May of 1989, with the Like a Prayer single released in March, I think.  With Rebel Heart, she released MDNA in 2012, and then Rebel Heart came out in early 2015. 

    There was also a decently long gap between Hard Candy and MDNA, of about 2 years-ish. So, more I think about it, probably MDNA and Rebel Heart, then Like a Prayer? Maybe there's more though that took longer. Dunno what happens behind the scenes....

  5. Maybe an obvious question, but why is any detail about her album so under total lock and key this time? She seems to be teasing now for what, a year?

    I know Rebel Heart was leaked 3 months earlier, so maybe she got so pissed at that that she had her team sign confidentiality agreements that if anything leaked, they would personally be on the hook for $5 million bucks? Or something like that...? 

    I'm surprised a cell phone clip of audio for maybe even 5, 10 seconds has not emerged online revealing something about the sound. 

    I kind of like the secrecy myself, but the waiting and teasing gets crazy old. LOL

  6. What if she releases 2 albums ? The eagerly anticipated "Magic," and then either a Spanish and Portuguese inspired album, or something to that effect? I could see her doing that. She loves the Hispanic culture in general. 

    I'm wondering if there was an event last spring or summer that made her re-think her direction of this album entirely? It felt like at the Met gala, she was about to unleash the new single a few days or weeks after, right when she performed it partially on the steps with Like a Prayer. But something happened to make her delay or scrap the concept/direction of the album? I'm wondering if she was just inspired and wanted more Portugal influence and not as much "rap," "hip hop," etc....

  7. I think the reason Madonna is taking forever on this album consists of complicated factors.

    She has 30+ years of achievements in her career--tons of #1 singles, tons of top 10 hits, tons of multi-platinum albums, successful sold out tours, success in movies and television, and an iconic superstar all around.

    As-a-result, she is focusing on other areas of her life and career -- both the past 4 years and currently.

    *She no longer lives full-time in the US--Portugal whisked her away to another life of culture, experience, and pace. She is loving this life most likely.

    *She is focusing on her skin care line, and it seems to have been successful and profitable. 

    *Her other areas of investments over the past decades are surely generating very lucrative passive income streams currently, so her hard work is paying off bigtime.

    *She is focusing on her kids' lives and family.

    *Making music is now fun to her, and a creative outlet. She no longer feels pressure to make top 10 hits and crank to the rhythm of a music industry that will not play her music on American radio anyway. 

    We'll get an album this year, for sure, but I think her style with this album of "taking her time" is fully justified, as much as we dislike it as fans.

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