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  1. I was driving to Atlanta yesterday evening and heard Crave on the radio when going through Chattanooga!

    The station 92.3 played it--it's an incredibly diverse radio station that plays anything from 90s alternative to 80s pop to today's hits. 

    I was shocked to hear it! That means it's getting requests and radio programmers are liking it a lot to play it. 

    They played the version without Swae Lee's rap, and I like the Swae Lee version better, I can now say.

    At any rate, the song is up to #15 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart--great news overall!


  2. On 6/6/2019 at 1:26 AM, CalinB said:

    All, we need your help... NOW@New1027 , the big Hottt AC station in New York is continuing to push Crave hard. This is our chance to push the song on Hot AC radio and radio charts. Please VOTE for it below (UPDATE: 6 hrs left). We been easily gathering 2 to 3000 votes for Crave last week for other contests :-)8-)

    Madonna NEW.JPG

    I get that she is losing out to Justin Bieber & Ed but Miley AND Katy Perry?

    The younger generation just doesn't want to listen to Madonna (12 to 22ish or so)

    Miley is alright, but imo that new Katy Perry song is annoying--a bit catchy in certain parts but overall, too loud and she sings too fast. 

  3. The video is impressive--beautiful visuals and amazing overall.

    The song is catchy, but auto-tuned too much for my taste. I like the message of the song and it is catchy--but it's unique.

    Madonna is definitely pushing into new ground here. Most of her pop peers can only look at her with amazement on how she keeps going creatively and musically.

    Madonna really is one of the greatest talented musicians of the modern era. 



  4. 8 minutes ago, dollhouse said:

    How? Theres no sales and streaming is miniscule

    It has some spins on AC radio though...

    Will be tough, but I'm hoping people will start liking it enough over the summer that it becomes a builder, and a grower. 

    Amazing song and deserves a good chart position. 

  5. I definitely think Crave may hit the Hot 100--don't you guys? At least in the 70s/80s/90s chart position? 

    It *should* go top 10, but those days are most likely over for Madonna in the US. Radio ignores her unfortunately. But this song is so good, radio may not be able to resist the song or the requests for it.

    They should do some remixes--that'll be so hot if they do. Definitely will hit #1 on the dance charts, after Medellin does in the next few weeks. 


  6. Great video--she looks incredible!

    The song is a definite HIT--if radio would play it. 

    The song reminds me that Madonna can always create catchy hooks and songs that flow so easily, after 30+ years in the business.

    She is in a league of her own and I can't really think of any pop/rock artist that can do what she is doing.

    Maybe Elton John or Bruce Springsteen--but they churn out consistently really predictable stuff. 

    Madonna is always so fresh, unique and different. Always inspiring, always changing and always taking huge risks. Love that about her.


  7. On 5/18/2019 at 7:54 AM, Confessit said:


    It's my least fave of the cuts released so far but my mind might be changed tonight after I see it performed live. 

    I like it, don't love it. The performance was good but not one of her best. I feel like the production overshadowed the song.

    Less is sometimes more LOL....but the song is growing on me. 

  8. I'd say the rankings go like this, in my opinion:

    Medellin 6/10

    I Rise 4/10

    Crave 8/10

    Future 5/10

    For context on my opinion, some of Madonna's past 2 album singles and album tracks, I'd rank like this:

    Give Me All Your Lovin' 6/10

    Girl Gone Wild 7/10

    Superstar 6/10

    Turn Up the Radio 6/10

    Love Spent 8/10


    Rebel Heart 8/10

    Devil Pray 9/10

    Joan of Arc 9/10

    Bodyshop 8/10

    Unapologetic Bitch 4/10


  9. I like it a lot. I'd give it 8 out of 10.

    It's got a great hook and I love the verses. My biggest criticism, if any, is the length. I wish it was pushed out to about 4 1/2 minutes or so. It's an average length for a pop song though, at 3 min, 21 seconds.  I just wish she repeated the chorus 2 or 3 more times towards the end of the song...:)

    It sounds a bit like songs from the Bedtime Stories and Music era. Bedtime Stories examples would be Survival or Sanctuary (sort of hypnotic like that...). From Music, it sounds similar in mood to What It Feels Like For A Girl and Gone (the emotional tone)...From American Life, Intervention has the emotional tone a bit similar to this one...although Intervention is one of my favorite album tracks for any Madonna song, so Crave will have to grow on me more.

    Another song it seems similar to is Joan of Arc from Rebel Heart, the way it flows so tightly. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Confessit said:

    Don't write the radio off just yet......I think they'll be a push for Crave to get airplay but she's not going to be hanging around on the song for to long as she's performing Future with Quavo at Eurovision in 2 weeks so it's looks like we are truly getting several lead singles.

    I hope so! It's a kickass song. Very radio friendly....

  11. Isn't "I Rise" just another album track single being available "early" before the album is released? This is in order to promote further interest in the album for increased pre-orders and to quench the thirsty appetites (LOL) for the fans.

    I've seen this strategy with a lot of albums in the past few years. They release a first official single to radio, with a video, then every other week until the album is released, another track becomes available to listen and download. Hopefully this pushes the sales up...

    Is anyone else concerned that she will be denied the #1 album slot in June, since Bruce Springsteen's album comes out that same day 😬

  12. 3 hours ago, Bat-Fan said:

    She has had terrible single choices since she left Warner. She really tends to like the less good songs for some reason, she really is a mystery, also she skipped all the best songs on RHT and performed the stinkers.

    Yeah, agree--spotty at best.

    Rebel Heart should've released:

    Joan of Arc (such the obvious choice for a hit)

    Rebel Heart (Avicii version would've been incredible--big dance hit)

    Devil Pray (incredible single choice)

  13. I think she got so burned with the Rebel Heart leaks, that with this follow-up record 4 years later she wants it in absolute secrecy. 

    Looks like she's succeeded up until now! Has anyone, anywhere, in her circle or otherwise been able to leak much of anything?

    My guess is everyone working on this album team signs a legal document paying hefty (million?) fines if they leak a thing, and opens them up to being sued. 

    Whatever it is, it has worked. I know we are all just so damn curious right now and would like timing anyway.

    I'm guessing a single this month and the album in June...hopefully anyway...


  14. Wonder if the "X" is the start of a countdown each day, until April 10, maybe the release date of the first single? 

    Each day on Insta and Twitter she posts a roman numeral countdown. Today is "X," then "IX" tomorrow, "XIII" on Wednesday, "XII" on Thursday, etc., until it's down to I on the single release?

    Long ass tease for sure? LOL.....

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