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  1. On 4/25/2019 at 5:12 PM, jacket said:

    The respective managers probably told them the other wants to work with them. A strategic plan hatched by the managers that saw the mutual benefits in cross market pollenation.

    Whatever the story, Im glad they collaborated!!

    I think this is right on the nose. They were totally set up, but it worked out in the end!

    I know they have what looks like a totally professional relationship, but he is exactly the kind of man Madonna needs in her life. Young enough to keep up with her energy, not threatened by her massive accomplishments/standing in the world and completely comfortable with the pop star lifestyle. I love his respectful attitude towards her.

    "She has a very special look in her eyes." That's all it took, those Madonna eyes, looking at him up close and personal!

  2. I love reading about the musicality of the song. Its structure is so unique, it doesn't really fit the chorus-verse-bridge format of most pop songs. It's more like there are verses ("I took a pill,") a pre-chorus ("ven conmigo") and I guess what you could call the real chorus ("si te enamora,") plus an interlude ("one, two, cha-cha-cha.") What I like especially is that the song builds up from the start and gives us the verse and pre-chorus twice before we even get to the main chorus. Then we get the cha-cha dance break and Madonna's killer solo third verse ("i took a trip, it set me free, forgave myself for being me") before it builds up again to a repeat of the fabulous chorus. It breaks all the rules and makes for such a great musical payoff!

  3. 10 hours ago, iamme said:

    This is what you will see



    I just watched this with the sound down and must admit I'm impressed with the backdrop and Paula's stamina, plus the dive jump at the end.

    However, the contrast between Madonna and Paula is even starker than ever. I loved Paula back in the day but she has become strictly a nostalgia act. While Madonna is performing new material, Paula is performing a medley of her "hits" (the last of which she recorded 24 years ago.) I can't imagine that she'll be able to rely on a string of hits from 1989-1995 to get booked on a show for much longer.

  4. On 4/19/2019 at 10:31 PM, davejr. said:


    15 years after this interview. Madonna is on her 14th album.

    OMG, I love this! She is so sharp and feisty. Matt Lauer is most definitely a sexist pig and he makes the perfect foil for Madonna, he just trots out the tired, flimsy arguments and she annihilates them. Brilliant.

    My other favorite interview between them is from 2005 when she was promoting Lotsa De Casha. He compares her 1993 Esquire cover (with her wearing a latex bikini) with her 2005 Ladies Home Journal cover (white Chanel suit) and asks if she can still be a pop star and she says "Watch me." Classic Madonna moment in my book. And then, of course, COADF happened and she proved her point.

    Btw, the word "relevant" needs to do in the trash with "reinvention." Words I am sick of hearing in conjunction with Madonna.

  5. On 4/24/2019 at 1:32 PM, elijah said:

    To be honest, I am more than pleasantly SURPRISED by Mirwais production. I always though he is one trick pony, BUT he has grown and has become very diverse! Medellin combines ROL Madonna (thank god!), subtle and effective chill production with reggeton and cool euphoric Latin post-chorus (or chorus?). Its a real grower. I turned from almost hating it to really liking it. Bravo to M&M.

    I totally agree! I thought he was a one-trick pony after American Life, but then he surprised me with Future Lovers. I think Medellin is further proof that he's got skills and more great ideas to share with us. The word I would use to describe his work on Medellin is subtle...you can tell it's Mirwais, but it sounds like he's stretching muscles he might not normally use. (If there is a co-producer on the song, as rumored, then that explains a lot.)

    I'm totally psyched to hear what else he and Madonna do on this album!

  6. There is so much to love about this video! The journey from the dance class to the wedding, the cha cha, her dancing on the table, the horseback riding, the eye patches, the shrimping, everything. It's gorgeous, very cinematic and Madonna looks incredible, as usual. :inlove:  Not only does she look great, she looks so happy throughout the entire video, she just...radiates. She is really showing her yearning, wistful and romantic side and I'm totally here for it!

  7. 3 hours ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    Have you watched THREADS? That 1984 British movie on a nuclear war and its aftermath. I know this is a weird recommendation and it's off-topic but yeah. . .really, watching it once in a few months is a good practice, it broadens one's outlook on the meaning of life. 

    :blink: Just watched this, per your recommendation and I am SHOOK. It was a harrowing experience, to say the least!

    I think I need to watch the Dear Jessie video on repeat for a few hours...

  8. I, too, have blue balls during this maddening waiting period but I'm still excited about the new album. However, I have given up on any notions about the general public coming around to appreciating her. There are many people who simply don't care to look beneath the surface and appreciate real effort and artistry. So if people catch on and give Madonna her props, that's great. If not, I won't be crying into my lemon drop martini. 🍸

  9. The article is a complete mess. It purports to be about Madonna using younger stars to stay relevant, then goes off on lengthy tangents about her children and her personal life. And just like the "music executive" they quote, the article can't help itself from praising her and slagging her off in equal measure. One minute, it's calling her a "manipulator" and "desperate" and saying that "no one really talks about her," then they're calling her "smart," a "firebrand" who's "back on her game" and "one of the biggest stars in the world." Do they even realize how stupid they sound? "Went off the rails?" Really!? :rolleyes:

    The main problem I have about this article is that she's still a contender in the pop game at age 60 and yet some people simply won't give her the credit she deserves for it. Instead, they want her to feel ashamed for the way the game is played. It's like when she was interviewed on Nightline about "Justify My Love" and they were trying to shame her for selling the video single. What choice did she have? Censorship prevented the video from airing so she had to make an end-run around MTV and sell it instead. Nowadays, ageism and over-saturation are preventing her from connecting to the music-buying public so she has to make the next smartest move and feature younger artists on her singles. It re-ignites interest in her in a world that doesn't properly value smart, talented women of a certain age. She's just doing what she's got to do to stay in the game.


    And the irony is that they think this is about her ego and wanting attention. Sure, she likes to be the center of attention...we've always known this about her. But a real egomaniac would die at the thought of needing a younger star to help them sell records. She doesn't care if so-called journalists call her desperate, she's keeping her eye on the prize - which is to continue to be a viable creative and commercial force in the industry and therefore continue to get to share her message and point of view.

  10. I'm really excited at the prospect of Madonna performing at ESC, 186 million viewers (mostly or wholly outside of the U.S.) who could potentially stream/buy singles, albums and purchase concert tickets is really exciting for her...she could do even better numbers on her next tour than she did for Rebel Heart. (If she, her team and LiveNation can really focus and hit all the right targets.)

    I'm just confused about this whole flap over song choice...did she provide the ESC producers with the actual track? The lyrics? How do they know the video (or "advertisement" as the story called it) is going to be political/controversial? What is their definition of "political/controversial?" Usually, her songs are universal and open to interpretation and her visuals are controversial so it will be interesting to see what we're dealing with here.

  11. If the Pride rumors were ever really true and the rumors about it falling apart are true, I don't believe for a second that it had to do with money. I'm sure that's the first thing they talk about in negotiation; if they couldn't afford her, the talks would never have even gotten started. It's more likely that it was a logistical issue, such as staging, timing, setlist or something like that. (Although I can't imagine anyone on a Pride committee telling Madonna what she can and can't perform.)

  12. Madonna has been quoted before as saying that she enjoys the challenge of balancing commerce with art. She has been doing this in one form or another for her entire career. In my opinion, the features and collaborations with popular artists are simply the currency that allows her to continue to make money on the recording side of the business. There is only so much she can do to combat ageism and people who think she has nothing new to offer; these collaborations are the trojan horses through which she gets various audiences to view her in a new light and buy her music.

  13. I agree that her label change played a huge factor in her decline at radio but I feel like even if she'd stayed with Warner Bros., she would inevitably have had to deal with the inescapable scourge of ageism. As someone mentioned previously, there are no 60 year-olds charting in the Hot 100 these days. The audience that does the most streaming and purchasing has only gotten younger and younger over the years and Madonna, who is as old as this audience's grand-parents, simply can't connect with a majority of them because they can't relate to her. As weird as it sounds, she's too sophisticated, worldly and mature for today's pop audience. They want Ariana Grande, who plays with dollhouses in her videos and pretends to be in high school. (Which is, ironically, the kind of stuff Madonna did in her True Blue era.)

    I think her biggest successes will continue to come from first-week sales of her albums (when bundled properly) and her healthy tour numbers. For the U.S., I'm predicting somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 units in her first week out, which will hopefully be enough for a number 1.

  14. This song is funny and adorable, as very few people probably think about the difficulty of playing the guitar while wearing lace gloves. 😆 It's something only someone like Madonna or Stevie Nicks can sing about. 

    And let's not forget that Madonna does this all the time, making up silly little songs with funny lyrics. This is how we got I Love New York and The Funny Song. 😋

    As for the weird criticism of her voice, it didn't even occur to me that there was anything wrong with her vocals. This is off-the-cuff, comedy-bit-on-a-guitar kind of stuff, not a professional recording. And if I'm not mistaken, she is perfectly on pitch.

  15. Given what I've heard about the size of the viewing audience for Eurovision, I think this idea is a brilliant marketing move from Madonna's team. I'm very excited to see how she decides to present herself in this kind of setting. It seems like she would be encouraged to think big and so I'm curious if we'll see some bold choices in costumes, choreography and attitude.

    It does make me wonder what she'll do in the U.S. for promotion, as a Eurovision appearance will not sell records or concert tickets here.

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