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  1. On 6/16/2019 at 11:20 AM, Crystal Coffin said:

    @Priceless, what you say 'bout this track? :wow:

    I like Dino D'Santiago's voice, I love Madonna's melancholy, pitched spoken-word vocals and I especially like how it manages to feel dreamy, despite having such a punchy beat.

    I feel like this song could have a really wide audience, it's very appealing.

  2. I agree that this song is a huge artistic accomplishment for Madonna. She combined so many things she does well into one song, it's quite a feat.

    I personally love the clenched teeth at the beginning of the song, it's a really fresh and different vocal expression for her. It fits perfectly with what she's singing about - she's actually saying that she understands why people get a gun and why people give up. It's very sobering and I love how her anger and sadness sound like they're seeping out of her mouth, very affecting. I also love that she says "it makes me laugh" twice when referring to leaders who say they're trying to help. 

    I think the highlight of the song for me is after she sings "a new democracy" and whispers a repeat of the first verse. We start to hear the choir again from the first part of the song and the way the rhythm interplays with the strong disco beat is utterly fantastic. I think this will be one of those songs with strong replay value.

  3. 1 hour ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    Rebel Heart: A disjointed heretic temple with many enjoyable spots but many problematic ones too

    Madame X: A heavenly, captivating church with very little flaws

    :smoke: :smile: 

    My #1 favorite is Ray of Light, but The Perfect Album to me is Music. That 5+5 combo is without any fault. 

    So glad to hear you say this! I think so, too. 10 tracks, stunningly creative, boldly experimental and brutally efficient. I think it deserves a rightful place among her best albums ever.

  4. I absolutely love this song, the production is amazing with that distorted accordion in the middle and the lyrics are really strong and meaningful. As someone said earlier, she's empathizing with other marginalized groups (of which she is one) and showing solidarity with them.

    I think people who call the lyrics "cringey" are simply having a visceral reaction to them and they should. It's not a universal concept that we should love one another and feel one another's pain, that one group of mistreated and abused people should identify with another and be stronger for it. People are more comfortable throwing around divisive phrases like "white savior" and choosing to separate people instead of uniting them.

    I hope she performs this live and am looking forward to a really powerful moment.

  5. I just watched it and thought she was funny and charming. Of course, she expected to be treated like the queen she is and it showed, but I don't think she was ever rude. It was very entertaining to see Danny Boyle sort-of fangirling out, totally adorable. And love that she was sweet as pie to Sheryl Crow...just goes to show you that even if she'd HAD read/heard about Sheryl's comments some time ago (and it's possible she never did,) Madonna was nonplussed. She only remembered their last personal interaction where they shared a moment of solidarity.

    Also thought it was hilarious that Madonna interacted with Ian McKellen as though she were only vaguely familiar with his work and he were some random actor. I imagine he is quite used to people prostrating themselves before him, but not this is Madonna we're talking about! :lmao:


  6. On 6/6/2019 at 4:34 PM, DreamTheater said:

    Please. Establishment media such as NYT and the BBC assume a very PC stance partly to compensate for their total indifference to social issues in the past. The fact that sexual assault cases took so much time to be reported speaks volumes. It's totally ridiculous for them to want to school Madonna on feminism, which is what the writer did. I'm surprised that fans do not see it. Perhaps we are too used to negative articles that a semi-positive piece seems good.

    I think this is exactly right. When I first read the article, I was excited because it was long and there were so many interesting details that were revealed about Madonna. However, I still felt the sting of the journalist's backhanded remarks, the tiresome focus on her age and the odd judgement of Madonna from someone who purported to be a feminist. But I said to myself, this is what we get with articles about Madonna. We get a fair amount of juicy details, mixed with all of the usual negative baggage that people project onto Madonna.

    I was surprised at Madonna's reaction at first but like @DreamTheater said, I think I was just used to these kinds of negative articles and so I just accepted it as par for the course. Like Madonna said, the patriarchy is deeply woven into the fabric of our society and a great deal of the time, we just accept it. I think it's brave of Madonna to call the journalist out. I'll bet the smug editors at the NYT thought they were getting away with something until she posted her disappointment about it on Instagram.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Herfaceremains said:

    Thanks for posting! “It is I, Madame X” is definitely worth the listen in itself... 

    That said, these radio DJs are about as palatable as salmonella-infested raw chicken. How do they get jobs with voices like that?! Truly amateurish. 

    OMG, you are so right. They sound so basic and clueless. And that was the best question Lizzo could come up with? :rolleyes:

  8. It has taken me a while to warm up to this song but I find that I do like it after having had some time to digest it and break it down. My favorite part is Madonna's first verse...the way she juxtaposes the words with the reggae beat is really cool and inspired and the vocoder on her voice also lends it a really busted, futuristic quality that I like a lot. And I love that she says "You ain't woke," it's like a rebuke to everyone who uses that word in a superficial way to trumpet their own social sensitivity. This song makes me think of "Music" in a weird way.

  9. I am in love with this song. There are so many hooks and rhythms layered on top of one another, it's an amazing arrangement. I love the simplicity of the guitar with her vocals and the way that the trap drums start to creep into the mix, it's brilliant. And when the hi hat starts zipping around like a cricket, I think it's thrilling and just really well done. Once again, she's taken something that's familiar and really put her own stamp on it. And the vocals are effortlessly cool and stylish, I love that her voice has a sense of longing and how she sounds world-weary and vulnerable. Fantastic!

  10. Wow! I think some very interesting tidbits came at the end of the interview. She only works out 1/3 as much as she used to, she hates clothes shopping and doesn't want to discuss her love life. Like someone said earlier, it could be that she's not seeing anyone right now OR it could mean that she IS seeing someone and can't really talk about it.

    As for working out less, I think that could be down to the time she spends with the twins and the time she has to spend on her career. I get the feeling she is more hands-on this era and could be doing more of the things that she had previously left to her managers in other eras. Just a guess. I agree that if she is planning on doing any remotely intricate dance routines on the tour, she will inevitably be in more shape as a result.

    I hope she takes time to do at least one more long-form interview. There is so much insight to be gained from these!

  11. I guess I have to buy it to read the end of it!!

    I love these kinds of articles; it's entertaining how some journalists react to her. Sometimes they get slightly catty, though her personality and intelligence rarely fail to impress. As they admitted, they truly didn't know what they were going to get and it's fairly obvious that they couldn't handle the fact that she was all business and controlled the interview entirely. We got a variation of "she's cold and unsmiling" and yet they described her as grinning when she talked about her son a few moments later. I think it's funny that they said she stared into the fireplace and didn't make eye contact with the interviewer more than six times in the span of two hours...if that's even true, she either just didn't like them or was in a mood!  So dramatic! :lmao:

  12. I love what Sarah Jessica Parker said! In the beginning, Madonna truly was out there, all alone and unafraid in her advocacy. Even though there were some people of stature supporting AIDS victims and the LGBTQ community, it seemed like no one on her level, especially in the pop game, was speaking out like Madonna was.

    I always felt like SJP was unimpressed by Madonna, so I liked seeing this.


  13. Interesting!! I love that there's so much extra footage of her as the cha-cha instructor. This video is obviously stitched together in a rather casual way, but with this much material the official video could have turned out a completely different way (though I like the official video very much!)

    And I notice this video has the radio edit, which sounds better than the one that was linked in another thread, but still a little abrupt.

  14. I really like her vocals on this track...the singing style, the layers, the effects, all of it. One of my favorite things about Madonna is her ability to sound like a completely different singer from album to album (and even track to track on the same album.) Pop critics love to talk about her reinventions but they never seem to quite grasp this aspect of it.

    When I heard "I Rise" for the very first time, I had no preconceived notions about what it would sound like and I thought the first line of the song was delivered by a different vocalist! And I am a loooooong time fan, so it completely surprised me that I was still able to be surprised by her.

  15. 3 minutes ago, M_Sinner said:

    OMG SHE QUOTED RESCUE ME! This made my day! Rescue me is like my top 5 favorite M song! I like when she talks about Mirwais 😊

    @Priceless this interview was fantastic!

    Yes!! And obviously they edited the interview, she probably talked about the album a bit more than what we saw. 

    And Rescue Me is one of my all-time faves as well! So amazing that she quoted the lyrics. 😍

  16. His last question was so smartly asked! He presented her with 3 songs she's never performed live, gave her a good reason (they were all top 10's on the charts) and politely asked her if she'd consider singing at least one of them. And he, at the very least, planted the seed for Rescue Me!

    That must have been Keith Caulfield, right? We are so lucky to have him as a journalist for Billboard. Not only is he a fan, he's a smart, analytical fan and it's one of the only ways to see her get asked interesting, relevant questions. Everyone else asks her questions about her kids or her exercise routine, so this interview was awesome. I hope she talks to someone at Rolling Stone for this album, they have a decent track record (not perfect, but decent) for asking good questions about the music.

  17. I don't like the radio edit that's been posted. I don't even see how you could make a radio edit without sacrificing the momentum that builds throughout the track. The beat comes in and goes back out in just the right way on the album version.

    In short, screw radio and their need for an edit.

  18. On 4/25/2019 at 5:12 PM, jacket said:

    The respective managers probably told them the other wants to work with them. A strategic plan hatched by the managers that saw the mutual benefits in cross market pollenation.

    Whatever the story, Im glad they collaborated!!

    I think this is right on the nose. They were totally set up, but it worked out in the end!

    I know they have what looks like a totally professional relationship, but he is exactly the kind of man Madonna needs in her life. Young enough to keep up with her energy, not threatened by her massive accomplishments/standing in the world and completely comfortable with the pop star lifestyle. I love his respectful attitude towards her.

    "She has a very special look in her eyes." That's all it took, those Madonna eyes, looking at him up close and personal!

  19. I love reading about the musicality of the song. Its structure is so unique, it doesn't really fit the chorus-verse-bridge format of most pop songs. It's more like there are verses ("I took a pill,") a pre-chorus ("ven conmigo") and I guess what you could call the real chorus ("si te enamora,") plus an interlude ("one, two, cha-cha-cha.") What I like especially is that the song builds up from the start and gives us the verse and pre-chorus twice before we even get to the main chorus. Then we get the cha-cha dance break and Madonna's killer solo third verse ("i took a trip, it set me free, forgave myself for being me") before it builds up again to a repeat of the fabulous chorus. It breaks all the rules and makes for such a great musical payoff!

  20. 10 hours ago, iamme said:

    This is what you will see



    I just watched this with the sound down and must admit I'm impressed with the backdrop and Paula's stamina, plus the dive jump at the end.

    However, the contrast between Madonna and Paula is even starker than ever. I loved Paula back in the day but she has become strictly a nostalgia act. While Madonna is performing new material, Paula is performing a medley of her "hits" (the last of which she recorded 24 years ago.) I can't imagine that she'll be able to rely on a string of hits from 1989-1995 to get booked on a show for much longer.

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