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  1. On 8/19/2019 at 4:54 AM, Kim said:


    Also, where did this ridiculous FAKE narrative of people not caring about Madame X just because of 'lack of commercial success' come from?

    Well, it's either that or it may be that it's too experimental for certain people to connect with  instantly , or any other reason concerning the listener's emotional  state at the time  . But, it most certainly is not cause Madame X is not good.  And it has been asserted by a lot of her fans that it took them years to appreciate the appeal of Hard Candy, and American life . So, I propose that if someone doesn't like a Madonna album, it's best to take his/her time with it. Wait a year or more if necessary, before making up one's mind.  

  2. On 8/18/2019 at 3:40 PM, CzarnaWisnia said:

     People are free to post whatever they want and review albums based on their preferences.

    Yes, people are free to post whatever. It's just that sometimes when they do, my soul aches. 

    Concerning the general public ( not forum members ), it can only understand the things with which it is perfectly familiar. Something new makes it lose its orientation. And it also should be noted that most GP audiences don't really listen. The music which cost agonizing labor to make are casually received, hence my discontent with their immodest  opinions. And why can't a supposed reviewer be reviewed him/herself. And if anyone can post whatever then why  is it offensive to anyone that I deem a certain someone not apt to the task of reviewing an album of Madonna's. Aren't there supposed to be criteria ( some sort of a requirement met ) for the privilege of critiquing works of art, like music and books.

  3. On 8/15/2019 at 5:21 AM, Bat-Fan said:

    I tricked you into watching her? Well I am sorry about that and I wasnt the first one to mention her nor did I recommend her, I said she was funny. I agree with you it is sad any idiot can rewiev any artist. But mostly I think these "listening and review" things in general are stupid as one needs to listen to the album more than ones to get it. And after her disinterest in Hard Candy I actually have no interest in watching her again, I thought her distaste for MDNA was appropriate, especially following her love for RH but after HC she irritated me to the point of no more.. 

    And I'm sorry for lashing out at you. You put me to shame with your measured ( dignified ) response. R E S P E C T.  But I do love MDNA.

  4. This supposed youtube reviewer named Ajayll apparently has the audacity to judge something which she clearly does not have the brain capacity to comprehend. I know I've said a lot on the matter, yet I feel very upset that she was recommended by a forum member and loved by another.  She is  like a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. And she does have thousands of views. In the past we had to contend with some professional music critics' biased opinions. Now any idiot can post a youtube review. And the more stupid it is, the higher the views it gets. I know I can avoid her idiocy by not watching her. I did, until I got tricked by the forum member's Bat-Fan and imakicola . SHAME ON THE BOTH OF YOU. 

  5. On 8/11/2019 at 1:45 PM, imakicola said:


    There’s this hilarious girl on Youtube who is reviewing all of Madonna’s albums in reverse chronological order.

    She reviewed “Madame X” and while she liked some of the tracks, she didn’t like the album all that much. She just reviewed it for fun without wanting to review any more Madonna albums, but with the idea that she might try to do the top 5 fan favorites from her comments section. 

    Then she was watching TV and heard “Ray of Light” in the background of some TV show, and fell in LOVE with the song. So she decided to view more M albums, with the idea that she wants to do all fourteen but might only do the top five in her comments section if she isn’t happy with what she hears. 

    Then she reviewed “Rebel Heart,” and she fell in *LOVE* with the album. It was lovely to watch her get very excited about “Living for Love,” “Devil Pray,” “Ghosttown,” “Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Iconic,” “Hold Tight,” “Joan of Arc,” “Inside Out,” and “Wash All Over Me.” It actually made me miss “Rebel Heart,” which I haven’t listened to in several months.

    The next was “MDNA.” Ooh boy. She didn’t like that one very much.

    Then was “Hard Candy.” She didn’t like that one very much.

    Next is “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” which she hasn’t done yet but I am banking on her falling in LOVE with it. “American Life” will come next, and we all know it splits fans so I am excited to see how she feels about it. Then will come “Music,” and then “Ray of Light,” the title track of which, inspired her to review the rest of the M catalogue. I am excited to see what she has to say about all of these albums, not because her opinion is that amazing or important, but because it’s interesting seeing what it would be like to have a new friend and show them all of M’s music and hear what they have to say from fresh ears untouched by M.

    Her name on Youtube is AjayII. Personally I am glad she got MDNA and HC out of the way and still wants to continue, because for me those are the two albums that would be the least interesting to listen to in full for a casual listener, especially now that they are older albums.

     I love how she couldn't understand how the songs  ( in MADAME X ) were structured. I love how the album left her confused, befuddled, to the point where she at one time just laughed cause she couldn't grasp what the hell was going on. The girl was not ready for such a wild and unfamiliar ride. Perhaps she was looking forward to being cradled and soothed and comforted by the songs. Well that's not what she needed. She needed to be woken, and unfucked. That's what Madonna did to her. And then she went on to review MDNA and got brain unfucked yet again with GANG BANG. OH, it was such an exhilarating experience watching the reviewer. But I don't recommend watching her, cause she has a very predictable and limited perspective and I felt like I needed to read an encyclopedia or something profound immediately afterwards , cause I felt like I got dumber just from watching her. 

  6. On 7/25/2019 at 1:32 PM, strictmachine said:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hear a lot of vocal effects on Batuka?! I just don’t hear it. 

    I am with you on that. I figured that on every song she just assumed different personalities and maybe accents. And the lyrics on certain songs are as if written or sang  by a foreigner  . And all of these work phenomenally. I think she is like an actor in the album and is a young girl from Cape Verde on Batuka, then a Portuguese in Killers, and a woman on shrooms on Medellin and DARK BALLET . And maybe she used vocal effects to attain her goal. 

  7. 18 hours ago, alanuk said:

    Rebel Heart is my favourite Madonna album since Confessions, in particular, the demos and songs left off. The Beautiful Scars demo I must have listened to multiple times every day for a year I'm sure. Maybe in time I'll get the Madame X 'hype', but I just don't enjoy listening to majority of songs on it. I think (in my opinion) it depends the state of mind/place you're in. The songs on Rebel Heart are where I still feel a huge part of me is personally so I can connect more to them than Madame X. 

    Yes, I agree it does depend on your state of mind/place you're in. It might sound crazy but I appreciate REBEL HEART the most on rainy days. On such occasions I'm in a melancholic and pensive mood and the songs just feel right. However the perfect time for me to listen to MADAME X are the hours before dawn or midnight.  I'm ready for an adventure. I think MADAME X is what I've heard certain hallucinogen drugs ( like DMT ) do for you - especially the first six songs. Though I've not experienced such drugs, I love listening to Terrence Mckenna's account of his wild accounts of his after taking mushrooms . And also she starts the album with the allusion to taking a pill and taking a trip. But please note that I am not advocating the use of drugs. And I don't take 'em, I am fascinated by the worlds they open up and I think music can do that to a certain extent.

  8. 17 hours ago, Phineaspoe said:

    I am so sorry to read that you are in this situation. I hope the song (as so many of M’s songs) can be cathartic at least, sometimes. But having not lived through something like what you are living through, I know that is easier said than done. I just wanted to write back to say that you are seen and heard here. 

    Thank you for these very kind words. It means a lot to me that you read my post and replied in so generous a manner. And yes her songs are very cathartic and therapeutic. And perhaps I would like to add that it is not as bleak as I made it out to be.  I do have very good friends and am able to enjoy life in general. I did not intend to upset you or cause you great concern , I  just wanted to let some steam off. Anyways, thank you again and know that there are always consolations in life and I feel content, in a way, cause I have led a full life. So, thank you again. So, all is cool and wish you all the best. THANK YOU. 

  9. That 'old man' could refer to women as well. Anyone who fails to empathize, and is very ego driven, and uses religion to justify his or her ignorance ( most women here are exactly like that and so are most men and most young people too- here where I'm from). So I would say it's not gender or age specific. it's basically any bigot in power- not just political power.  Unfortunately  BATUKA is too real and painful for me to enjoy at times. When she sings 'GET THAT OLD MAN' I have real persons and institutions  in my mind who have deprived me of a voice, of a personality, of a personhood( if there is such a word ). The song entices me to speak up and break free and yet  I know I can't and so I end up feeling helpless. Having said that I am proud that she made it, and at times when I'm in a good mood I imagine myself in favorable situations and am able to feel empathy for the unfortunate ones- though clearly I'm one of them. In case you are wondering I am speaking of being  __ __ y. Here it is believed that it is the result of western culture and influence and the work of the illuminati.  I know it is silly, yet this perception is prevalent and strong . Not only are you sinful and abhorrent but i'm guessing illegal as well- I haven't checked recently- but even if it's legal , i can assure you it won't be of any help. there are far more powerful elements here than the law or gov't  to the individual.   

    Madonna holds a special place in my heart because I feel she didn't need to associate herself with my community. it certainly didn't enhance her popularity back in the day. And this song is not for everyone. but it definitely is heartfelt and helpful to me at least in the sense that it makes me realize I am not alone and am understood. and not just by anybody, but by Madonna. THANK YOU MADONNA.


  10. Madame X is such a beautiful listening experience.  I specially love the first six songs. Besides Medellin which is one of her best songs ever, I love Dark Ballet and killers the most. The remainder of the songs are gorgeous. I think this album should and will be recognized as a masterpiece. But it does take a few listens to get into and to appreciate its complexity and depth. Not a lot of people have time for that,  I understand. But I instead of exposing their ignorance by criticizing what they don't understand, I wish they would push themselves to expand their horizons. Ignorance is not bliss, though it's the norm now. I wish not everyone has the right to express his/her opinions. But unfortunately social media is democratic and we have to suffer reading through a lot of garbage.  


    12 hours ago, Iconic Fetus said:

    Mom gets to hear Madonna because of me so she loved so far Medellín, Future (she signs the melody), God Control (she keeps saying wake up, wake up) and Bitch, I’m loca (bésame en la boca).

    So at the end she liked some songs, with RH I only heard her signing LFL and BIM.

    My mom passed away about 12 years ago. She was not into music at all, let alone English pop music. She was more into politics and history. But she was aware of my obsession with Madonna. I think she tolerated it, yet never commented on the ever-present Madonna music in the background at home and in the car as she drove me to work. One day she surprised me. We were in the car and as usual I insisted on putting on Madonna. And then out of the blue she said , ' THIS SONG I LIKE, IT'S ACCURATE.'  I was baffled and yet also felt like I finally converted my mother. But then i noticed a smirk on her face. Madonna was singing, ' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY'M SO STUPID.' 

  12. At first I took the critic’s consistent use of the word‘ weird’or ‘bizarre’ to describe MADAMEX  as a compliment.  That was before I listened to the album.Now I find thesewords they used were inappropriate if not outright vulgar.

    What exactly is weird? Is it her stating ‘she can dress like a boy’, is it the sound of Batuka, is it her commiserating with the downtrodden, is it her use of technology, is it her singing in Spanish and Portuguese, is it her collaborating with young artists, is it her singing about gun control, is it her assuming different accents and mannerisms in the her singing, is it her outstanding creativity?

    Are any of the above things weird? Would they consider them weird if someone else did them? Is it weird cause she’s white?  Is it weird cause they didn’t think she was talentedenough?

    Ironically I wouldn’t have minded it if you–fans used the same words to describe her album or even her, or even me for that matter.

    How would you like it, if you are called weird by the likes of such people?

    More importantly how does she still have faith in the goodness of humans?

    Only the truly great and brave are this optimistic.(So shouldn’t I likewise aspire to be just as hopeful and soldier on with optimism?I guess --Sorry for my bitchy post.)

  13. To me this song is a wailing, a feeling of complete desperation, being overwhelmed by darkness. It’s not even Madonna singing it. She is one of the girls of an African village praying for some miracle, some magic. The head mother figure joins in the chant in the very end.

  14. Sorry if it's not the right place to post this. My friend told me that Madonna was on our national TV. it was about her releasing a new album and they showed a clip of crave. my friend told me that his family were amazed at how young she looked. 

    Everybody knows Madonna here. she is generally seen as a very liberated woman who does what she likes. my friend loves that about her. 

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