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  1. 14 minutes ago, MattyMads said:

    I bloody hate this streaming malarkey it’s fucked the charts so much 😡

    This . I think it’s utterly corrupt .its gone from being no.1 on iTunes in every country around the world which equates to no sales and no charting ( MDNA says hi ) to leaving your phone charging whilst playing YouTube ( Bitch I’m madonna says hi ) to having the highest streaming’s figures ( for This era) of her madonnas entire career ever , treble the amount of YouTube views then anything off Rebel heart ( except above mentioned) and this also equates to nothing and chart placing .


    before anyone says , stop worrying about charts and enjoy era can ANYONE explain how charts are run these days because I do not understand them one bit 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Lolasmommy said:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! It’s a hit...fucking pop genius!!!! 

    If radio plays this - if radio plays this- IF RADIO PLAYS THIS it will be a fucking smash!

    omg the pop melody, this is classic Madonna in a future pop way! 

    Craaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaa-ve, cz your the one I crave, my cravings get dangerous!

    Amen. It’s great isn’t it 

  3. Omg , crave is beautiful. I love it . I was worried when everybody kept comparing it to the music off bedtime stories as that’s my 2nd least favourite album of madonnas after Horrible Candy . 

    Anyway if this was release by anyone else it would be no.1 everywhere . I do still love Medellin but this is equally as good .  Still don’t get I rise , that will be skipped 

  4. I’m kind of baffled too . So Medellin has approx 40m views on YouTube combining audio and billboard , ( living for love has half this nearly 5 years later) , it’s top 40 since day one iTunes, from what I read Spotify streams are ok but a lot lot better than anything off Rebel heart for example so how come this ain’t charting ?? 

    What am I missing ??? Did loving for love and ghosttown sell millions on iTunes , I just  don’t remember this 

  5. Yes there seems to be interest in the remixes , would it be an idea for her to add a remix video on YouTube even as audio only? Would that count as a stream ? Is that done regularly . 

    Its having a nice spike worldwide and the Sphinx mix is really good 

  6. Isn’t it sad that within 21 days the whole era has turned from a generally euphoric and positive hopeful place to all this doom and negativity . I haven’t listened to crave yet but I just feel the tour has put so much sour into the whole era . Believe me I want it to stop and go back to April 20 and I love love love Medellin , I’m in absolute shock and denial that it’s not no.1 everywhere as I believe it really deserves to be . 

    Anyway can I please request we keep the earlier momentum, by not spreading links or surrounding the place with such negativity. Ok the latest 2 songs might not be to people’s taste judging by reactions here but try to remember this amazing campaign and rollout is still by any means spectacular so far . M deserves respect for this at least and she is giving us such good visuals so let’s try to get back on track .

  7. 12 minutes ago, Bill said:

    I've been really depressed by chart performance so far.  I never want to get my hopes up anymore but it's baffling that this catchy song isn't even in the Hot 100 on Billboard or being played on the radio at all.  It's genuinely heartbreaking for me because I see how much work she's put into this.  I hope this performance makes a difference, but I see the bump on iTunes for all the other songs that were performed and most are much higher than Medellin.  Still hanging on to the hope that it catches on against all odds.  I hate to be negative, just a little sad this morning after that spectacular performance... I expected to see top 10 on iTunes at least.

    My sentiments too, I try and try to just enjoy her without worrying about charts but just think it’s all so unfair how this isn’t no.1 everywhere . Then there’s the hard work she puts in , it is sad. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Masterpiece said:

    The song is stalling around 14 million views because it isn't connecting with a lot of people. You can throw around her age being a factor but the song isn't the greatest for a lead single. The video is good and hopefully the show Sunday night will help the single, but she has alienated a lot of people with her "blow up the white house" speech and people don't forget as those comments are echoed on TV shows and mentioned a lot on the News.

    Em troll alert people for moderators ? Quoting whitehouse speech as if it’s any way relevant to anything Madonna has done in years . 

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