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  1. Will young knew what he was doing , postponed his release by a week amd

    now he’s going to be no.1 with around half the sales of Madame X . Just saying it’s another missed opportunity. I saw Bruce Springsteen down every aisle of Tesco , yes supermarkets , beside mugs , toilet tissues, beside photo frames , beside cards . All with “pick up your Father’s Day cd “ stands . 


  2. 3 minutes ago, smirnoff_ice said:

    When I went into HMV last friday to get my MX copies, there were a line of BS posters along the entrance and he was playing in the store. So he was the main release of the week as far as HMV is concerned.

    Exactly , I’m not saying she would have beaten him had it not been for Father’s Day but it would have been a lot closer . Again another failed opportunity, would her team ever consider when it’s releasing albums whether it coincides with a holiday , mother’s day etc ? I would have thought so.

  3. Awful figures , 4000 people downloaded the album out of 60million population . Very poor. But while it’s all doom and gloom again don’t be fooled in thinking Bruce won’t  drop like a rock next week too , he’s already starting to . Father’s Day really helped him , every store ( that still sells cds) had towers of stands and advertising for Father’s Day to buy his cd . It was out beside hallmark cards and mugs in Tesco for example. 

    Who knows if god control is released or pride goes half decent Madame X won’t leave the top 100 chart next Friday .  I agree with you all though despite it doing nothing for Rebel heart if she had given a good performance SOMEWHERE the lingering hate from Eurovision wouldn’t be as present .

  4. Are American charts announced fri same as uk ? If so I think we will or should be loud in celebrating that over any more hate from uk like is usual recently . I don’t recall any big deal about rebel heart not making it last time . I think at least this time we know In advance as I was absolutely shocked when I saw Sam Smith beat her the last time as his album was out a year already and returned to no.1 so for me that was more shocking . 

    But maybe you are right maybe we should be bracing ourselves for Eurovision 3 with dickhead piers Morgan leading the abuse as per usual. I just hope billboard and her camp rejoice in the USA news which will hopefully overshadow the hate from England 

  5. 4 hours ago, Nick said:

    Know this is a strong track and it sticks out from the album, but I'm actually not wanting to listen to it on repeat like other new tracks.Not sure what it is.

    Same , I do like it but I prefer songs like Come Alive, Looking for Mercy and Crazy . While god control is creative , it suffers from having no chorus and just being too all over the place .like you said there’s not much replay value to it . Video does look epic though

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