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  1. Thank you @curtains generally happy with the running , would have loved if Looking for Mercy was Top as it really is fast becoming one of my favourite Madonna songs of all time , it’s just epic.  

    Running is mainly in line with my votes bar my love for Funana , can’t believe you all think it’s worse than bitch I’m loca , back up to beat , batuka and ciao Bella . Anyway I’ll live 😀, #justiceforlookingformercy. 

    Btw great to see future and I rise near end of pile , they’re not loved in general at all 

  2. I just want to add I’m really enjoying this moment in this #MadameX era . The god control video is having the opposite effect of backlash and all I’m reading is positivity and real praise and claim for her bravery . It’s made me even more proud to be her fan and the comments are coming from unusual people and sections it’s been really nice .So maybe it will do nothing for the single or zero sales for the album but I’m enjoying this moment for what it is . 

    Bravo M , AGAIN

  3. Flip the switch and crystal coffin the biggest bullies in here.  I’ve already been called paranoid and ridiculous for mentioning that I hoped the recording of graham norton went down well. Look how that ended up. It seems there’s always a few longer termers on this forum that don’t like discussion or others having an opinion that differs from their own.

    Bat fan I find your posts always interesting and I agree I do think god control was ready way before now . 

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