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  1. 4 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    Still way better than RH and MDNA where we got about twenty remixes fur each song and virtually none were any good.

    There's some real bops this time and I'm sure others are growers.

    oh for sure, it was a travesty what we got for remixes for mdna and rebel heart. Definitely the best batch as a whole since American Life

  2. 6 hours ago, jonski43 said:


    Just because people don't like a remixer doesn't make them a whack job.

    This place is, for the most part, remarkably idiot free.

    And I think his remix is the same old formulaic gay house sound that's been churned out for 20 plus years. What of it?

    Medellin is the only mix of his that's seems to have anything creative in it. Big whoop.


    I didn't say they were whack jobs because they didn't like him. They are whack jobs because of how they behave. 

    Granted it's a lot quieter now that MX has quieted down, but if you posted anything that was remotely not blind worshiped you were attacked. I got rude Pvt messages and admin locked me out just for saying I didn't like Madame X 😅😅😅



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