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  1. 6 minutes ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    We're in for a rough ride. When it dawns on middle America that she's taking the NRA to task, she's gonna take a lot of shit for this. 

    And you know the sad part? I DOUBT the other pop princesses will stick their necks out for her. 

    Who cares anymore? She takes a lot of shit every single day. Don't pay attention to the haters and enjoy the ride!

  2. 1 hour ago, Mensch said:

    How hard can that be? I mean if we’re at 6.7 million YouTube streams with just 3-5 days and it went to #1 on Latin digital song sales and how many Spotify streams 13-14million? It’s probably around 15+million streams...how can that not chart top 40? 

    That’s like 21million streams NOT counting Apple Music and not knowing the sales number...can we figure this out cause I’m excited now but eerily unhopeful. 

    It has 4 million spotify streams

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