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  1. Easily the most accessable track on the album, it is almost impossible not to like the song if you heard it a couple of times. It's a grower. It's either Crazy or Faz Gostoso that should be released on single, the only two that have a chance of charting anywhere. I'm not saying the other tracks aren't, most of them are a lot better, just not radiophonic enough.  I seriously doubt though if a real attempt to push another MX track will be made. 

  2. Currently for me it's Dark Ballet, can't get enough of it, especially when played very loud in my car. That song really takes you to a surreal place. Same goes for Killers (crazy about the birds) and Batuka and Extreme Occident. Basicly it's always 1 of these four that is my favorite. I do love Looking For Mercy, Come Alive, Back That Up To The Beat, Medellín and Crazy also a lot. Just not very fond of Future, Bella Ciao and Crave, the only ones I have left out of my playlist. But hey, with a solid 15 tracks I am more than satisfied. My RH playlist is just 12 tracks long with more songs to chose from. 



  3. For me it's definately the biggest grower on the album, didn't like it very much the first time I heard it, but now it seems to be one of my many favourites on the album. I think this is the only track that can achieve global succes, it's just so catchy and likeable. Of course have Anitta on the track would a lot help in some parts of the world. Now is the time to release it, it's summertime!

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