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  1. 1 minute ago, Vetiver said:

    What about the 4 of you that have a butt obsession open a thread off topic and enjoy yourselves, dude you don’t know when to stop a joke so get it together. Happy Pride everyone 

    I'm not sure what 'joke' has to do with it... There's a ton of 'thread police' who seem to only comment when they want to shut other people up.

    Conveniently - like how @I Don’t Search I Find just appeared out of nowhere to post an insult (interesting admin behaviour)... No contribution to the thread or even off-topic discussion, but I should shut up?

    Regardless of the circumstances, it's childish and pointless. Forums are made for discussion. I get that it's off topic but that complaint doesn't hold up in a thread where there is no new information/update to discuss. Nothing has happened yet.



  2. What can you possibly gain from silencing other users' discussions? She hasn't even set foot on the stage and probably won't for another few hours. There are no notable updates or information...

    Y'all just love to complain

    So please, the 4 of you who want the butt-talk to be SILENCED..... Go ahead and talk about a performance that hasn't happened yet.

  3. After the NYE Stonewall appearance with her ass looking like a literal botched disfigurement, I personally wouldn't complain about her ass looking a bit bigger.

    All the recent pictures show that it's in proportion with her current figure. Imagine her ass was actually how it looked in that NYE appearance?  And for 6 months she'd have been parading it around making a total joke of herself. 

    I say we should be grateful. It could be so much worse

  4. 2 hours ago, karbatal said:

    Oh ugh. 

    Can you be more MOANER?????

    I could but I don't because I know I'll be met with an insanely predictable response like yours. Forums are about discussion and sharing opinions/views/beliefs.

    If you don't like hearing opposing points of view then you better log out 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Ai Papi Si. said:

    lol calm down. She's just serving looks and getting her social media on. She's not shooting a video :rotfl:

    Haha I hope you’re right. Just seems quite out of character for her to get dressed up and shoot something on location - just for Instagram.

    If that’s all it is then I’m here for it! 

  6. I hope these posts aren’t for the actual video... I mean.. if there’s any song on Madame X designed to be shot in a hot/sunny/vibrant location it’s Faz Gostoso

    I’d rather it not have a music video than another Crave situation with an impromptu  empty studio-set music video. That location doesn’t suit the song at all

  7. 14 minutes ago, Lolasmommy said:

    I think that the album should have Medellin As the last song kinda - to show Madame X the spy having to kill herself by poison at the end of her espionage journey “I took a pill & hand a drink.i went back to my 17th year” & then reminiscing joyously on the journey she took in life

    That's an awesome concept. Never thought about it like that!

  8. 1 hour ago, rocKstar said:

    Make a detailed review of all the tracks, please. 

    From what I remember... Crazy had a really sweet melody. It kinda reminded me of Fake Smile by Ariana but that might just be me

    I'm pretty sure Come Alive is the track heard in the Soundcloud snippet (not the disco one)

    One clip had the same chants she used in an Instagram post with the Batuka women, so I assume it's that song. Sounded exactly like the IG post but with production

    Another untitled clip was a laid-back ballad with slurred/mumble vocals (like in Crave)... maybe Killers?

    Bitch I'm Loca sounded like a serious BANGER. Already way better than Soltera 

    I Don't Search, I Find had the 90s strings and sounded more like Deeper and Deeper than Vogue. Short clip. 

    The section of Extreme Occident had the same lines 'The thing that hurt the most' but with a very Mirwais/Paradise kind of trip hop drum - and the guitar sound heard in the 'Life is a circle' clip. Probably the most Music type track. 

  9. I kinda wonder what the point of this performance was? I assume by re-using the choreography/staging/arrangement for Like a Prayer, she wasn't that inspired for that part of the performance. It felt more like a bargaining tool for her to get the slot. Which is fair enough

    As for Dark Ballet/Future - the former isn't available to listen to and the latter doesn't seem to be getting an official single release/music video. So neither are technically promoting anything other than the album, which isn't out for weeks anyway.

    The pressure on her to make a political statement (or boycott) only came after the news that she was in talks to perform at the Eurovision. So the initial reason to perform couldn't have been to protest, surely? I guess what I'm saying is - if the purpose of this performance is totally political/protest then why did she agree to it in the first place? And if it's for promo then why did she pick 2 album tracks?

    In my dream world, she would've done a part 2 of the Superbowl and perform a medley of the hits she didn't do in 2012 (NO LIKE A PRAYER) ending with a Madame X track with a simultaneous single and video release (and political statement). She missed an opportunity imo

    To clarify, I'm not being negative. I loved the performance (after LAP) I just don't really get why she did it

    One good thing to come out of all this backlash is the possibility that she may retire Like a Prayer for a while. Thank G*D!


  10. The shot at 3.04 isn't so flattering and you can see the cameraman's foot in the shot - hopefully they don't use it

    The headshots in colour are the best part of the video. We need more of that!

    I personally don't think the video suits the song at all. The storyline with the birds is a really nice concept but styling/outfits/imagery/color-scheme feels so random.



  11. I don't mind a rehash of the Met Gala. Part of me thinks she's reusing it for LAP only - because she probably doesn't even want to perform it. 

    Plus, Madonna is always the first to say she doesn't like repeating herself (hasn't she said that very recently too?) so there must be a reason for it.

    No doubt she'll perform more/new bits of Dark Ballet and Future will be entirely new. Wasn't there a report that mentioned holograms again? That'd be cool on those steps

    If it is indeed a 15-minute performance then I'm sure there's way more in store. She can't hang around on steps for the whole time.

  12. Genuinely excellent

    I think this is the first time Madonna has used a trend and completely elevated it.

    Living for Love, for instance, was a great track but the generic modern house trend used didn't actually make the song any better or more interesting. Crave could be sung with just an acoustic guitar but the trap/urban influence and Swae Lee just make it POP. The sensual melancholy vibe is just perfection

    I'm also loving the nostalgic direction of the lyrics in this and Medellin. It's like the continuation of Rebel Heart (song) and I'm totally here for it.

    I also feel like she hasn't released a single about longing/devotion/romance (without a dark/negative undertone) in quite a while? I can't think of the last one

  13. If it didn't have trap-style drums, I don't think anyone would say its trend-chasing...

    The guitar is beautiful and timeless. It's lyrically like a mature/sensual answer to Justify My Love. I actually quite like the slurring vocals. This isn't the first time she's sung this way either (so it's not Starrah's influence)

    I hope the video reflects the atmosphere in the song. It's amazing. Already my favourite M single of the 2010s

  14. I Rise is better than (almost) everything she's released since Confessions imo. Certainly better than every single since Hung Up (to me)

    Perfect vocals, immaculate production. Totally modern yet still completely classic Madonna. This is exactly the type of music I hoped for. I'm HYPED!

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