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  1. 1 minute ago, zephyralexxx said:

     Thanks to Superbowl. 

    Anyway, I don't even want another #1 single. I want everybody to hear: "Do u know M's new track? It's really great!". 

    I don't care about charts and sales. Although I'd like her to hit the #1 spot again just to keep her name big and the interest, so she would keep releasing new material and labels would find relevant to re-release her old stuff in special editions with bonus tracks and stuff like this.

  2. 29 minutes ago, zephyralexxx said:

    True! In fact, it was her last time when everybody knew she is still releasing new music, charting, selling albums and stadiums. 

    While she was releasing MDNA everybody thought she would chart, sell albuns and stadiums as well, but the lack of quality and promo of MDNA as the not so big support from her label spoiled her commercial performance and, since then no one expects her to have a hit single like before. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Bette Davis Dub said:

    They are not worlds apart. If you can speak one language, you can understand the other roughly. Canadian Portuguese singer Nelly Furtado prefers to release her records in Spanish language instead of Portuguese. The biggest difference is primarily the pronunciation:

    Spanish: ¿Hay una diferencia esencial entre el español y el portugués?

    Portuguese: Há uma diferencia essencial entre o espanho e o português?


    There's a huge difference between Portugal and Spain, even our cultures they are worlds apart. As a portuguese I'd be very offedend if someone tries to reduce my culture or my language as part of the spanish one. We only have similiarities due to geography, that's all. 

    Portuguese language is a great market as well, maybe not as big as spanish, but we have people that speak portuguese in all continents. 


  4. 19 hours ago, Gabriel Ciccone said:

    And some haters just began to accuse her for stealing the title of this song :provoke:


    As soon as I saw the name on the board I thought about this song. This song was a huge summer hit here in Portugal, I just hope Madonna doesn't want to make a cover of this trash music. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Ozze said:
    • Brazil is pretty disconected from those so called latin things, we're  the only country here in Latin America that speaks portuguese, we don't really communicate with our neighbors, the language itself it’s a barrier, but that’s not the only reason.
    • Reggaeton has nothing to do with brazilian music, Brazil is samba, bossa nova, MPB, forró, axé, samba reggae, frevo, funk( from Rio de Janeiro) among others genres and sub genres.
    • Brazil is a racist country with no doubt, was the last country in the whole world to abolish slavery, and the government gave zero support to the black people that was freed instead decided to welcome the poor people that were coming from Europe to make Brazil more white.

    To imply that we don't like Anitta because of some rooted racism is just absurd and extremely ofensive, in reality you guys know nothing about Brazil.

    Anitta was released as light version of the funk for the "ellite" that wouldn't go to the baile at the favelas.


    Funk music is not something cherished here , there's some racism, of course, but funk music usually have very low level lyrics is also very associated with the drug traffic that runs the poor communities( mostly black people,they were abandoned by the government) in Brazil, you have no idea how a baile funk is.

    Then she decided to presente herself more as a pop singer, so she could reach a wider audience including the gays.

    But black people raised their voices and started to revindicate their place in Brazil's society and that their culture was recognized, they show themselves without shame anymore and demand respect.

    Then she saw the oppotunity to put herself in the middle of that movement, now she’s back with funk.

    And of course the Anitta for Latin America, because she's chasing an international career.


    I never called you guys racist, I was talking about Brazil in general, and yes, I don't know that much from Brazil, all I saw it was a great gap between rich and poor people there. Two realities in the same country.

  6. 1 hour ago, karbatal said:

    Sadly I agree theres at least prejudices. Read the comment above yours: one person moaning why she's not collaborating with Rita Ora. What makes better Rita than Anitta except being from an Anglo-Saxon country and singing songs from Anglo-Saxon pop structures? 

    You would be AMAZED the level of racism in Latin America countries regarding their own roots. Many times the elites HATE anything related to their own pre Columbine cultures. Reggaeton is 100% Latin roots and people going all Anglo goes from snobism to racism really fast. 

    Idk where you're from but I've been in Brazil and it's crazy how the level of racism is high there. 

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