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  1. For me the performance it is ok. 

    LAP was so slowed down, I dont like this version. She was full of clothes and she was not dancing or doing anything, just walking down a stair. She sings well, at my opinion. 

    I like the interlude. But too much 0 energy at all. 

    Future started well, but the lack of energy spoiled everything, this makes me think she can't dance anymore the way she used to dance 5 years ago, or maybe she just lost her passion for the dance. 

    I like the concept of the performance, the message was great. But Madonna is so out of shape, she's barely moving her body, she looks so nervous all the time. I know she's 60 and she said she's out of shape because of the kids and stuff like this, but it hurts to see her barely moving her body, when we know what she's capeable of doing. 

    Please don't hate me, I'm a huge Madonna fan and I'll always be but she's having problems with her performances. RHT had a huge lack of energy in most of its moments, then Medellin was nice but at the BMA, she made an ok performance, now, she does this one where she could barely move her body. Days like this that I regret not seeing some of her old tours live. 

  2. I'm hoping for Medellin become a dance hit, because it's so great to dance it, you guys won't believe, the 1-2 cha cha on the dancefloor is amazing, it's already being on the DJ set in the night club that I like to go. The Dj is prob a fan, because he plays M a lot, and it's great that all the young crowd dance their ass off with her songs. 

  3. I've heard it on the radio today, they were talking about her performance and saying that she's carrying Portugal on her shoulders and that we should be greatful to her, they were basic saying only good things about her and that we should all adore her. It was even a bit funny, because they almost said 'you should all bow down to the Queen'. 

    I live in Portugal 

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