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  1. 1 hour ago, reismf said:

    she really did embrace the Brazilian accent, even though we don't say "vai me botar louca", I thought you guys said it in Portugal haha

    Noo, we don't use 'botar' that much, but you can hear it sometimes, more likely in the countryside. 🙂

    Maybe Madonna in singing in her own portuguese, a new one xD 

  2. 2 minutes ago, reismf said:

    Você pensa que eu sou loca = you think I'm crazy

    Você não vai me botar louca = you're not gonna drive me crazy

    Eu te amo, mas não deixo você me destruir - I love you, but I'm not gonna let you destroy me

    I couldnt understand that part when she was saying ?Você não vai me botar louca' and I'm Portuguese, she really got a brazilian accent, thanks :kiss2:

  3. 1 minute ago, Confessit said:

    I think collectively as a group of fans we will all be debating why she hasn't used this song majorly to introduce the new album to the world...a decade ago she would of certainly taken this song to the Eurovision but we live in different times now.

    Exactly, maybe with all the eurovision exposure she would have had a minor hit in Europe with God Control. But she wanted to do a political statement performance and I understand her. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Confessit said:

    + it has enhanced her streaming profile through Maluma being the big digital force he is.

    It is odd when we read in reviews that the best of the album is yet to come but at thins point even if she has a Hung Up for 2019 which she sounds like she has in God Control the radio still wouldn't play it anyways. 

    At my earlier opinion God Control is better than Hung Up. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    Why can't she use stairs, the eye patch?  Why can't she perform much more theatrically and yes, that's what's happening here.  It's not an excuse either.  Face it, she is 60 years old and YES that does play a role in how she prefers to perform.  I do think last night's performance was intentionally "static".  It's how she's incorporate a lot of her moves on her last tour, in a more theatrical presentation.  Still, it doesn't mean she's abandoned the high energy performances, but she's done that most of her career, so why must she keep doing that, especially at this stage in her career.  Again her age does play a factor in this.  Remember she IS human. She certainly has a lot of aches and pains like any one of us.  I'm sure she's purposely finding other ways to perform, to not only save her from any unfortunate accident, but to give far more variety to her shows. It's the same when she plays the guitar in one of her performances.  It offers something different than just a high energy dance routine.  If I want to see non-stop high energy performance I'd look back at her past live catalog and watch that.  Again, I don't believe she's necessarily abandoning that, but rather enhancing her shows with more variety, then the same thing all the time. 

    Of course she plays a role in whatever she does, but we are not obligated to praise everything she does as well, and it doesnt make us lesser fans or anything like this, just because we didn't enjoy something she has done. 

    No one said she's abandoning anything, we are only giving our opinions, don't overreact over this, we are all Madonna's fans and we all love her.

  6. 1 minute ago, Amelia said:

    But does every performance of her has to be highly energetic?  Why assume she must be "slowing down" because of it?  I don't get this sort of thinking, especially when the performance is quite "theatrical" and I believe the "static" nature you are referring to is intentional throughout the performance.

     And I hate to bring up her age, because honestly Madonna still can dance circles "energetically" around people half her age, but let's be realistic here... I suspect if you were 60 years old, coming down a steep staircase with an eye patch over one eye, you would probably be far more cautious how you make each of her steps as well.  Also, I am not sure many fans take this in consideration, but it's apparent her eyesight isn't great as it used to be which is why we see her wearing eye glasses a lot behind the scenes.  Sure, she could ditch the eye patch, but why when that is all part of the visual make up for the persona she is channeling?

     For me, it's a theatrical performance and she doesn't always have to come off with a choreography that is highly energetic to remain entertaining. 

    Of course not, but there's a difference between being theatrical and static. Most of the times in this performance I feel that she's static. It's undeniable she's slowing down, almost every performance lately. MDNA, BAT... and plenty of other concerts and performances had great theatrical moments and they were not static, so being theatrical is not an excuse for. 

    About her age, we came back to the same discussion, then why using the stairs? why using the eye patch? If I'd feel less capeable of doing something, I'd make everything to easy the path for me. 

    Anyway, slowing down or not, she is still Madonna. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, runa said:

    Yeah I can understand what you mean, but she was already slowing down things in RHT, so don't see how it can be surprising now. 

    And I'm pretty sure the fact she's going the intimate way for her new tour is a good indication it will be less "dancy"...

    Exactly, for me it's just a reflection that she doesn't train the way she used to do, she's not exercising that much anymore. And I don't think it's age related, but only because she has 6 kids to raise. 

  8. Just now, reQuiem4adream said:

    Didn't M almost fall during SuperBowl? Then she fell for real during Brit awards! 

    She did one step wrongly, but that was all. She did amazing things on that stairs with the dancers. Super bowl was full of energy and with a message as well, for me it's one of her best performances ever

  9. 43 minutes ago, runa said:

    Let me repeat the key word:



    Of course I'm taking in charge these elements, but even so, there were stairs at the super bowl as well. She has done a lot of difficult things. If the stairs and the eyepatch is the reason for her being static, which I doubt, then remove it from the performance. 

    And I'm not hating on her, I still enjoy the performance, but it's undeniable that she is slowing down a lot her performances, which make me think how is it going to be this new tour. 

  10. My only complaint is related to her dance moves. I keep myself thinking if it's just because she doesn't work out that much more, or the new ass or another thing, idk 

    Back to the performance,  I  like the concept, the attitude. Although in my opinion this is not the kind of performance that would reconnect her with the general public. And probably she knew it, so it means she doesn't want to play safe. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

     I think Niki Harris actually touched on the aging thing a bit recently. She said something along the lines of it's harder for pop stars to age because pop fans age and don't adapt well to new things.....paraphrasing very badly but that was the gist of it. Getting old is the one thing nobody can avoid so yeah, I can imagine for some to see what THEY perceive to be Madonna "slowing down" is alarming and scary for a number of reasons. Nevermind though the fact that Madonna is embarking on a theater tour so naturally, her live performances will probably focus a lot on......theatrics as opposed to heavy choreography this time around. 

    I think it might have been the same in the 90's, when she stopped touring and released albums that were more conceptual. idk cause I wasnt born by then

    I love her and I'll always do, so I will go on in this trip with her, although I like more when she's dancing like hell, sweating and etc..

  12. 1 minute ago, Kurt420 said:

    And reading through the Crave video thread, the main critique after it leaked was that her dancing a bit too fast and erratic for such a mid-tempo song.......similar tempo to the songs performed at Eurovision. There really is no winning which is why she should just do what she wants. Thankfully, she is.

    It's apparent her Eurovision performance was more about performance art than a high energy, heavily choreographed number. 

    Sorry but I find it insulting to her when people talk about her "lack of energy" on RHT. It's true it wasn't as dance heavy as MDNA but to imply that she's lazy or lacking is absolutely ridiculous. I highly doubt even our 20 something forum members would get through that full show, much less doing it two times in one day (rehearsal and performance). 

    I've never said she's lazy. During the RHT she said in an interview that she couldn't prepare herself physically enough, she was having problems with Rocco as well. Now she raises 6 kids and of course she's not exercising the way she used to, and that's why there's a huge difference between the 2012's peformances and the ones from now on. 

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